'79 Bob Lanier amethyst card

'79 Bob Lanier

Gems of The Game / Big Men

General information

Big Men
6'11" (210cm)
250lbs (113kg)
P&R Roll Man Post Up Low Post Up High


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'79 Bob Lanier amethyst card

91 Overall

82 Outside scoring

  • 94 Open shot mid
  • 88 Contested shot mid
  • 60 Off dribble shot mid
  • 69 Open shot 3pt
  • 37 Contested shot 3pt
  • 26 Off dribble shot 3pt
  • 96 Shot IQ
  • 82 Free throw
  • 98 Off. consistency

82 Athleticism

  • 81 Speed
  • 74 Acceleration
  • 65 Vertical
  • 90 Strength
  • 90 Stamina
  • 70 Hustle
  • 82 Overall durability

92 Inside scoring

  • 97 Shot close
  • 94 Standing layup
  • 83 Driving layup
  • 85 Standing dunk
  • 55 Driving dunk
  • 50 Contact dunk
  • 88 Draw foul
  • 95 Post control
  • 88 Post hook
  • 86 Post fadeaway
  • 95 Hands

60 Playmaking

  • 50 Ball control
  • 64 Passing accuracy
  • 66 Passing vision
  • 72 Passing IQ
  • 47 Speed with ball

81 Defending

  • 84 On-ball def. IQ
  • 90 Low post def. IQ
  • 89 Pick & roll def. IQ
  • 92 Help def. IQ
  • 70 Lateral quickness
  • 55 Pass perception
  • 78 Reaction time
  • 50 Steal
  • 70 Block
  • 74 Shot contest
  • 90 Def. consistency

96 Rebounding

  • 95 Offensive rebound
  • 97 Defensive rebound
  • 94 Boxout
  • 97 Potential
  • 70 Intangibles
  • 3545 Total attr.

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  • 24

    This is going to be a fantastic Center to play, whether traditional 3-2 spacing, or a modern 4- or 5-out.

    Athletically, 90 Strength with 81/74 Speed/Acceleration in a 6'11" Center means he can run the floor like a KAT, but not be easily pushed around in the paint.

    Offensively, he has elite Post Control and strong Post Hook/Fade. Elite midrange shooting for a Center, and even a viable 3-point shot.

    Defensively, he'll have issues facing elite, big, post-scoring Centers, and his adequate Block/Shot Contest can be turned okay with a shoe. The big deal is his 70 Lateral Quickness, which makes him one of the best perimeter-defending bigs in the game now.

    Right now, he's basically the only Center who can be a big scoring threat in the paint, not get bullied in the paint as a defender, and not be a liability if switched onto a guard as a defender on the perimeter.

    And very nice badging, with Defensive Anchor and Hardened. Even in this Big Men pack, only Hakeem, Gilmore, and Dikembe also got Defensive Anchor.


    AND he has 82 Free Throw.

    BUT on another forum, someone reported he has 90 Foul Tendency.


    i cannot confirm 90 foul tendency. just checked... its 5 lol


    Yeah, cool...I forgot to even check.

    Foul Tendency: 5
    Hard Foul Tendency: 5
    Contest Shot Tendency: 81
    Block Shot Tendency: 81

    I think some of the Big Men cards were corrected after release, so that 90 was probably right, at the time. Glad it's down at 5, any which way.

  • 6

    This needs to be Yao instead


    I get u but u should put some respeck on bob's name as well

    Yao know what I Ming??

    sry but i'm punny

  • 5

    Anyone who says this card is trash, you're wrong. Bob's sapphire card is a great scorer, great defender, great re-bounder and is great all around. His 3 may suck but he will make a 3 once in while. This man also destroyed Ben Wallace in a online game for me (Dunked on him).


    His post hook is money. Great card and besides the block and fouling he is a good defender.


    Agree, but That block really Hurts...


    Yea, he can only really block shorter players not really centers or forwards.


    Otherwise, he is really well-rounded and underrated af. Maybe he will go for cheap


    As of right now I don't care what the price is. I don't care because my PS4 won't work. Also How much MT did you spend of the bucks collection because I spent about 19,000-22,000 mt

  • 1

    Compared to the other amethysts everyone will have no idea who my man BOB is...

  • 1

    In terms of being well-rounded. This card is better than Wilt and Kareem. You don't have to worry as much about free throws, solid low post defense with very good lateral quickness for a big, and can actually shoot the ball unlike Wilt. Only issue is that he cant really block, besides that, if you can get one of these three, I would seriously consider this card.

  • 0

    I take this shit if nobody want him, 6'11 with 90 plus midrange, some post, some inside defense with rebounding, please let me have him if he goes for cheap.

  • 0

    Just for rebounding tbh

  • 0

    his three aint that bad

  • 0

    no one would want him, but let's give him praise of what he did in detroit

  • 0

    I just pulled him twice, hes an absolute beast, he pops 3s and makes almost every mid range shot!

  • 0

    I don't understand the negative comments on this card. In my mind this is the best value of the Big Men cards and the most well rounded. I'll gladly take Bob and feel free to overpay for Wilt or Kareem.

  • 0

    Thick shaft BOB

  • 0
  • -6

    bruh no one gonna want him he gonna go less than the hakeem


    I want him more than Hakeem


    that speed tho


    btw I havnt been on here for 4 days