'90 Derek Harper sapphire card
86 79

'90 Derek Harper

Historic / Mavericks Franchise

General information

6'4" (193cm)
185lbs (83kg)
P&R Ball Handler Mid Range 3 PT

Hot Zones


'90 Derek Harper sapphire card

85 Overall

82 Outside scoring

  • 84 Open shot mid
  • 74 Contested shot mid
  • 80 Off dribble shot mid
  • 83 Open shot 3pt
  • 75 Contested shot 3pt
  • 81 Off dribble shot 3pt
  • 94 Shot IQ
  • 81 Free throw
  • 90 Off. consistency

85 Athleticism

  • 85 Speed
  • 87 Acceleration
  • 63 Vertical
  • 56 Strength
  • 95 Stamina
  • 85 Hustle
  • 81 Overall durability

74 Inside scoring

  • 80 Shot close
  • 85 Standing layup
  • 87 Driving layup
  • 25 Standing dunk
  • 47 Driving dunk
  • 30 Contact dunk
  • 69 Draw foul
  • 48 Post control
  • 36 Post hook
  • 55 Post fadeaway
  • 85 Hands

86 Playmaking

  • 86 Ball control
  • 87 Passing accuracy
  • 83 Passing vision
  • 84 Passing IQ
  • 88 Speed with ball

88 Defending

  • 88 On-ball def. IQ
  • 47 Low post def. IQ
  • 92 Pick & roll def. IQ
  • 84 Help def. IQ
  • 88 Lateral quickness
  • 95 Pass perception
  • 82 Reaction time
  • 88 Steal
  • 32 Block
  • 80 Shot contest
  • 85 Def. consistency

38 Rebounding

  • 32 Offensive rebound
  • 41 Defensive rebound
  • 29 Boxout
  • 87 Potential
  • 70 Intangibles
  • 3332 Total attr.

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  • 5

    This guy is a beast. Shot is fluent and i am always dunking on people with him somehow

  • 3

    i would highly recommend this card, good at everything and can 'slither' his way to the hoop

  • 1

    Bruh, Mavericks are the best collection in the game. Super cheap with a cheesy gold in Dirk and you get rewarded with this beast demigod

  • 1

    GREAT PLAYER, been on my team since 2nd week of the game, still has a spot even with 2 amethysts, 2 diamonds, and 8 rubies.

  • 1

    He can basically do everything...

  • 1

    Plays like Gary Payton, who was my starting PG last year when beating Historic Domination for his steals and lockdown capabilities.


    looking at him big gtime. need a pg that can defend for sure. getting blown by the likes of a john wall, russell westbrook, etc.. probably the best budget pg out there would u say?


    I have him and he's a great pickup. The Mavericks collection isn't particularly expensive either so he's pretty easy to get. He gets so many more steals than anyone else on my team and he's been really useful throughout all of domination. also he hits a lot of contested layups, has a consistent free throw (unlike most on this game for some reason) and he actually hits the three seriously consistent for me! I mean i've played 28 games with him and he's averaging a couple steals and about 70% from three. Great card and he won't be off of my team until there's at least an amethyst to replace him


    just got him today. he's been balling and locking down the opposing pg. just let the cpu autocommand. easy release. money from three if u leave him. he finishes everything and is an excellent ft shooter. can't ask for more outta a collection card. now gotta decide which big man collection to do. they're all so fuckin slow.


    Yeah right its a little limited. If you don't have them already the the two big men I have are Cousins and KAT (I have diamond Wallace but I mean to buy) and they're both really good in the post. KATs post stats don't look particularly amazing but he's actually awesome in the post and he's fast, and Cousins has better post stats but he's slower and his release is less tolerant because his fade is very flat. I'd recommend either of them as I don't (personally) see any current collection rewards that would be a good replacement


    i have deandre and whiteside for some cheap gold bigs right now. eyeing either KAT or Anthony Davis for his defense. And he has 80 Speed! holy shit, he's faster than some of my sf.


    working on it now. still gotta get dirk lol. I have zero MT after getting Eddie Jones lol!


    except for consistent triples (for me) I totally agree

  • 0

    Gonna play SG for me when i get him.

  • 0

    He looks like someone who plays in AAU i know

  • 0

    to be honest i love this guy. great card but his face in 2k looks like a facescan gone bad. no disrespect.

  • -1

    Lowkey best sapphire in the game