Sergio Rodriguez silver card
74 Overall
  • 67 INS
  • 74 OUT
  • 81 PLY
  • 77 ATH
  • 66 DEF
  • 39 REB

Quick Scorer

Written by t_clark100

Sergio is a great backup point or shooting guard, if you are looking for a versatile player who can score on the inside and the perimeter. As sergio is one of the players you first get when you start, he is not one you discard to quickly. Once you start he is good to have as a backup, because he can come in and score while also has good passing. His work around the rim is good if you have momentum and have a open lane or very little contest. Also I have used him to come of picks and be open quite a few times and I find this a very effective way to use him.

Bought for: Pulled In Pack


  • Inside scoring: Good at attacking the rim with an open lane or very little contest. If there is more contest from center or others, still can finish quite well. His quickness gives him an edge because he can make space to drive and score with ease.
  • Standing Shot 3pt: With a open shot of 81 he can and will make open buckets but, as the game wears on he might miss a few because of fatigue. But still good shooter all around, can make many mid range shots and contested off dribble as well.
    -Speed and Acceleration. With both of these high for a silver, it makes him quick on fast breaks and in the lane. Also his ball handling at an 81 he can make space for himself with that and his quickness.


  • Rebounding: As a point guard they don't grab many boards, but some still get quite a bit. His lack of size and rebounding makes him flawed and this. Even when there is only or two people around he stills fails to grab hold of the rock
  • Stamina: 82 - With a stamina this high you would think he would be able to play for awhile, False. He tires very quickly and this means putting you starter back in. His stamina also depletes very fast, even from a simple dibble move he loses a lot and when on the fast break it goes down so fast.

Recommended Strategy: Perimeter shooter, pick and roll man.

Use if: You want a versatile 2 way quick scorer

Don't use if: You need a athletic play making all star

Bottom Line:A great scorer and player for the depth of the bench

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