'09 Andre Miller sapphire card
85 Overall
  • 78 INS
  • 73 OUT
  • 92 PLY
  • 86 ATH
  • 71 DEF
  • 45 REB

Actually Not Bad

Written by BlckEsq

People seem to not want this card, but I pulled him in the playmakers pack. He embodies the pack itself: he's an excellent playmaker. His Gold (i think) flashy passer is useful if you like to do that, which I do. Of course, to anyone hip to Dre Miller, he's not a great shooter and won't fill up the scoring column, but he is a great set up man. His midrange actually is serviceable, and I've even hit a few threes. I wouldn't recommend depending on either though. Just slash the lane and dish. I like using him off the bench with spot-up shooters to give them the extra boost some fringe shooters might need (i.e. Tayshaun Prince, Michael Cooper).

Bought for: Pulled from Playmaker Pack


  • Passing is A1
  • Finishes lay-ups and midrange at a decent clip
  • Sure-handed ball handler (doesn't get ripped often)


  • 3pt Shooting
  • Steals aren't very high

Recommended Strategy: PnR, primarily to set up the Roll Man, but don't be afraid to take the midrange off the dribble if the defense cuts off the pass lane, especially if the big has position on the boards. Backdowns are also decent if used on smaller guards. (70 post fade rtg)

Use if: You want a great playmaker.

Don't use if: You want an athletic slasher (westbrook), or sharpshooter (steph)

Bottom Line: Good things just happen when Dre is running the offense. He makes the rest of your team better, while not being a total liability inside the arc or on defense.

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