'10 Channing Frye emerald card
82 Overall
  • 74 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 35 PLY
  • 64 ATH
  • 68 DEF
  • 68 REB

Pick & Fade God

Written by carmelo2935

Channing Frye is an excellent stretch four and excels in the pick and fade. If you can draw the big man with a quick guard, he will get an open three nearly every time. Outside of open threes, he's not the greatest finisher and struggles off the dribble. His speed is terrible and isn't a great defender, but can get important blocks and rebounds late in games. Averages through 9 games as starter: 10MPG 6PPG 3RPG 1APG 21-36FG (58%) 7-17 3PT (41%) 6-6FT

Bought for: 4,650 MT


  • Open shot 3pt (90): Easy release, hits most threes when his feet are set.
  • Free throw (85): When he does get to the line, he's automatic.
  • Offensive consistency (85): Puts up around 7 points and 4 rebounds every game, very reliable.


  • Defending (68): Slow on defense, fouls a lot, and usually loses his man giving up easy buckets.
  • Inside Scoring (74): Isn't a great post up player, struggles finishing with contact.
  • Speed (64): Sure, he's a big man, so speed isn't his strong point, but he will literally take 8 seconds to get down the court after inbounding to a guard, definitely not a transition player.

Recommended Strategy: "Run the pick and fade, find set shot threes"

Use if: "You want a stretch four that excels in the pick and fade"

Don't use if: "You want a fast, defensive, transition player"

Bottom Line: "He's not nearly as good as the 85 playoff card last year, but still manages to get similar results."

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