Gordon Hayward gold card
78 Overall
  • 66 INS
  • 74 OUT
  • 66 PLY
  • 72 ATH
  • 63 DEF
  • 50 REB

Slashing and Scoring

Written by coanr

Gordon has been my starting small forward since the beginning of 2k and has not dissapointed. He often is running to the 3 point line in transition which is great for open looks while his ability to take it to the basket is a little bit to be desired. Defensively, he fouls way too much down low and does not hold his own as a 6'8" small forward. You can sometimes run your offense through him as I have produced games of 12, 15, and 14 points respectively.

Bought for: Pulled in pack (goes for 1-1.2 thousand)


-Open Shot 3pt: 73| Although, it is not a great stat his release is easy to master and way lower then it shows in game. -Open Shot Mid: 75 | What I said right above applies again. -Driving Layup: 78 | He finishes at the run well, and goes to the line with a Draw Foul: 75


-Post Control: 52 | This is not necessary for a 3, but plays are often run to post him up -On Ball D: 72 | He cannot stay in front of any 2 guards and often gets beat off the dribble. -Rebounding: 50| Does not rebound at all for a 3, and only averages 2 boards per game

Recommended Strategy: He is an average all around player, but can be used in the clutch for any catch and shoot down the stretch.

Use if: you need a slashing small forward.

Don't use if: You need a lockdown defender.

Bottom Line: Good value for a backup 3.

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