Nerlens Noel silver card
73 Overall
  • 64 INS
  • 43 OUT
  • 36 PLY
  • 69 ATH
  • 75 DEF
  • 73 REB

Cheap Beast!

Written by carmelo2935

I got him in the Curry starter pack with very low expectations, but little did I know that 12 domination games later he would still be my starting center and be my best player of 2k17 so far. Even in a team of emeralds and sapphires, Nerlens continues to be my best player every game. He runs the floor, finishes at the rim, rebounds, and locks down on defense. Not a shooter, but the one three I took was a fadeaway three in the corner in a 50-50 tie with 3 seconds left... and it went in! Best game: 18PTS 9REB 8-9FG. Averages in 12 games as a starter: 9PPG 6RPG 1APG 47-58FG (81%) 17-26FT (65%)

Bought for: Curry starter pack, probably around 1,000 MT on the auctions


  • Standing dunk (86): Finishes often around the rim, has supplied many posters.
  • Speed (72): Very quick for a C, runs the floor for easy buckets all the time.
  • Defending (75): Solid defender, quick on his feet, great rim protector.
  • Rebounding (73): Despite his stats, he's an excellent rebounder, usually limits offense to just one shot.


  • Outside scoring (43): Despite my game winning fadeaway, he can't shoot unless it's in the paint.
  • Post hook/fadeaway (58): Not all that good in the post, I prefer to use him in the pick and roll to exploit his quickness.
  • Defensive consistency (56): Can make big plays on D, but often gets into foul trouble.
  • Free throw (55): Gets to the line often, but not the greatest free throw shooter, have missed both a few times.

Recommended Strategy: "Run the floor, find him cutting down the lane every time for a dunk, run pick and rolls"

Other Comments: (optional) "When running the floor, try dribbling to the corner with a quick guard, and you'll see him cutting down the lane line in front of your opponents center for an easy dunk."

Use if: "You want a quick center to run the floor and finish at the rim"

Don't use if: "You want a post-up player or a stretch five"

Bottom Line: "His stats don't exactly pop out, but he has somehow managed to be my best player over 80+ players and I don't plan on replacing him soon"

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