'86 World B. Free amethyst card
91 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 86 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 77 DEF
  • 41 REB

Absolute Beast

Written by scatmann67

I often get Free on my team because of his ability to drive and shoot. This year, I was happy to see that 2k still gave him the ability to do both. After grinding domination, I was choosing between him and Steve Francis. I made the right decision picking Free. He is great in Isolation and in several offensive sets. Definitely get him over Francis.

Bought for: Reward


  • Inside scoring: Great at attacking the basket. He can finish strong and can play through contact. 98 draw foul.
  • Has great dribble moves and can easily create space
  • Can hit the outside shot very consistently. He has an easy release to get used to
  • Steals from other players fairly easily -Good speed/speed with ball


  • Overall Defense: He isn't a terrible defender, but only has a B- perimeter rating. Overall though, still a decent defender -A little undersized

Other Comments: Can run Point guard or Shooting Guard

Use if: You need a score first, athletic guard that can play good defense if you user him

Don't use if: You need a defensive minded guard

Bottom Line: An amazing player that can lead your team. The best player to get after domination.

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