Dwyane Wade sapphire card
85 Overall
  • 80 INS
  • 78 OUT
  • 78 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 75 DEF
  • 55 REB

Consistency issues

Written by HasheemTheDreamThabeet


  • First of all: I love D Wade. He's the only reason I still have this card despite having a all ruby+ team. I really don't know how I feel about him, he's really inconsistent. Sometimes he goes off for 20+ points, just killing the opposition. Sometimes he misses almost every open jumper. I've paired him up with ruby LeBron (click the tick) and despite some of his main stats going up a great bit, he's still not amazing (consistently). I badged him up with Post Spin Tecnician (not really working bc he's kinda short for a SG), Posterizer (along with INSANE POSTER ANIMATIONS, shame they won't trigger that often), One Man Fastbreak (really nice for this card, helps triggering dem posters), Difficult Shots (amazing badge, dunno why it goes for so cheap) and Tear Dropper (his floaters are meh, if you don't get a green release, you'll miss 80%) all gold, and a default bronze Acrobat (I don't know if I should upgrade it as this card is a sapphire and duude, this badge is expensive on PC).

Bought for: 17,000 MT - Early December (PC struggles)


  • Speed: Flash is fast. Not as much as his stats suggest tho. But still fast.
  • Contested Mid/Close-Range (With Diff Shots): He seems to make more of those than any other player I've used
  • Poster animations: SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. Really look like posters, not like those generic ignoring-the-defender dunks. Like the one on Varejao.
  • Free throw + draw foul (with Ruby Bron): He gets plenty of calls, has a slow release (not my fav but easy) and 84 ft
  • Fastbreaks: The gold badge really helps, it's where you'll get 70% of your points.
  • Bailing me out after a shit possession: Kinda good at shot clock cheesing (No threes).


I love Flash, I know his strengths IRL so you'd expect these to be better:

  • Layups: With 94 driving layup, you'd expect him to be great at finishing at the rim. I don't know if it's bc I have only a bronze Acrobat, but he misses easy, barely contested layups WAY too often.
  • Floaters: If you don't get green, he'll hit rim (and out).
  • Open mid range shots: He has a 90 open mid. Again, not saying his mid-range game sucks. He just... should make them 98% of the time with a rating like that.
  • Creating: Not the best crossover animations and meh passing.


  • Defense: He's not THAT bad of a defender, but he's inconsistent. His low Steal rtg doesn't help his case either. Good at contesting though.
  • 3 pointers: Again, not that bad, just inconsistent. But still, I hit more open 3's with Mark Aguirre than with him (maybe it's the Catch and Shoot badge...).
  • Post: Dude. IT'S FREAKING D WADE. His fadeaways should be AT LEAST good. I never seem to make them. Probably the only thing that he's always bad at from my experience.
  • CONSISTENCY: It's his main issue, as I stated all over this review.

Recommended Strategy: Run the breaks, try to find the open lane and see if you can trigger those WONDERFUL poster animations (have I emphasized it enough?). He can hit the open 3 sometimes and the open mid often. Have him to bail you out after a bad possession either spamming post jukes and trying to draw a foul or pulling up a contested J off the dribble from close range. It's a low percentage shot, but it feels like 50/50 with Wade.

Other Comments: In some games he can be the nÂș1 option, his weaknesses kinda vanish (you still don't want him pulling up 3's off the bounce) and he's the best player on the court. Thing is: He's not always reliable (as Amethyst Steve Francis, probably the best card I've used. STILL.).

Use if: You absolutely love D-Wade.

Don't use if: You don't absolutely love D-Wade. There are many better players in the game right now.

Bottom Line: I'd rate him 3,5*. Good, sometimes amazing, but unreliable.

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    Can agree, i don't have him on my team anymore even though i still have ruby lebron. some games he dropped 20 points and everything goes in, some games misses everything.