'51 George Mikan diamond card
97 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 53 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 86 DEF
  • 97 REB

True Dominance

Written by CaptainMamba

Bought for: N/A (Playing blacktop board to get diamond reward)

Lineup Used in: http://2kmtcentral.com/17/lineups/333841/1


  • Inside scoring: He is able to dominate the post, using the hook and fade. Although his height might be a problem in some cases, the animation in his fades are smooth and is easy to get green release.
  • Mid-Range scoring: The timing of his jumpshot is green and quick, which is good for a stretch big man. After the ratings update, his mid became unstoppable
  • 3pt-Scoring: Mikan's three point rating is in the mid-80s, but the timing of his jumpshot makes up for it. Even so, he doesn't have any cold zones, and his three pointers will splash it home.
  • Dunking: It's strange, but his dunking animations are quick and powerful. They are fast, allowing for him to dunk with ease without being blocked. Additionally, his alley-oop dunks are unrealistic for him, but they are very good in terms of playing online as these animations are so quick.
  • Rebounding: In most cases, Mikan will be able to outrebound many big men with his vertical. He's a bit undersized, but the 80 vertical is helpful in this situation


  • Defense: The only problem with his defense is the shot contest. At rating 61 shot contest, there have been some cases where his opponents were able to shoot right over him

Recommended Strategy: Pick and Roll; Pick and Fade; Alley-oop; Post Fade/Hook

Other Comments: I would highly recommend adding Posterizer badge to him so then his inside dunks are more successful if contested, and add a few more other badges too that helps with interior defense and inside scoring.

Use if: If you want an all-around big man that can stretch, dominate the post, and grab rebounds

Don't use if: You need a perimeter lock-down defender or an athletic/fast center

Bottom Line: Do pick-and-rolls and he will get things done on offense

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