'08 Dwight Howard diamond card
96 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 34 OUT
  • 39 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 94 DEF
  • 97 REB


Written by kotagames

I bought Dwight as a backup for George Mikan, and he's definitely not backing anyone up after the games I've played with him. He is the strongest, fastest, most dominant center in 2K, and hes staying on my team until 2K18. I used him and some other diamonds to go 6-0 on the sapphire league, and the shoe I got as a reward went right to Dwight. You don't understand the term OP until you've had Dwight Howard rocking 99 speed and 91 acceleration. His tendency to always cut to the rim makes him a nightmare to defend in transition, and he'll simply posterize anyone in his way. That, plus an 85 driving layup makes him unstoppable by the hoop.

Bought for- ~130,000 MT


Inside scoring: Layups or dunks, it doesn't matter, he's finishing.

Rebounding: He has a 98 boxout and 97 on both rebounding stats, plus a 95 vertical.

Rim Protection: If you thought this guy could only perform on offense, think again. He racked up 9 blocks in two games for me.

Stealing: A 78 steal on a center is like a 99 steal on a point guard. No other centers can hold onto that ball with Dwight reaching.

Tendencies: I've noticed in transition, a lot of guys stop at the 3 point line in transition. Dwight doesn't do this, he actually cuts to the basket, and with a base speed of 90, you're not stopping him.


Outside Scoring: Obviously.

Free Throws: When he gets hot, his free throw becomes a 77, but there's something weird about his release that makes it extremely hard to make FTs.

Ball Control: 50 ball control is great for a center, but he'll still lose the ball a lot when attempting to blindly drive to the hoop.

Recommended Strategy- Pick and roll, post up, or drive. Just don't shoot any further than five feet from the basket. That might as well be halfcourt for him.

Use if: You want other players to call you daddy

Don't use if: You like playing complete games of MyTeam Online

Bottom Line: As someone who heavily relies on stretch bigs, I can confidently say that this is the best center I've played with this year. 100% worth up to 200k MT.

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