Elfrid Payton ruby card
88 Overall
  • 76 INS
  • 82 OUT
  • 93 PLY
  • 84 ATH
  • 77 DEF
  • 83 REB

Very Underrated!!

Written by dhunter27

Elfrid Payton is a very underrated point guard and is a definite budget beast. This card ran my offense perfectly and stuffed the stat sheet. Great passer and is an okay defender.

Bought for: 5,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Will either finish at the rim or will get to the line. After playing 15 games with him, I can only think of about 3 or 4 times he got blocked when he tried to take it in.
  • Passing/Running the break: This card is a great passer and in 15 games got a total of 8 turnovers for me. This card is very good at running the break, because of his great passing and partly because he is a good rebounder.


  • Shooting: He has a decent mid range shot but it isn't very consistent. He can make 3's but its pretty rare. Consider drawing the defense out to you and driving it in instead
  • Defense: A pretty decent defender, can get steals and blocks, but struggles at guarding fast point guards. Ex: Russell Westbrook, John Wall, etc.

Recommended Strategy: Drive and kick, drive and get to line, run the break.

Use if: You want an athletic, rebounding, distributor.

Don't use if: You need good shooting and a very good defensive player

Bottom Line: Budget BEAST that can run your offense very well.

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