'01 Shane Battier amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 75 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 68 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 91 DEF
  • 56 REB

Lockdown defender

Written by nwriight31

The Current Grizzlies collection was the first collection I completed to get the Sapphire Battier, so when this card was announced I sold some of my lineup in order to pick him up. Now I play him alongside Shawn Marion with this card at the 3 and it at the 4. Bought for: 39,000 MT


  • Defense: He has 97 on-ball, 98 pick and roll, 98 help defense, and 97 lateral quickness. This combined with his hall of fame Defensive Stopper badge make this card one of the best in the game. Only PD Duncan, Free Agent MJ, Diamond Walt Frazier, USA Rewards Pippen, USA Rewards D-Rob, Diamond Ben Wallace, Diamond Bill Russell, Diamond Dikembe, and Amethyst Rodman have HOF Defensive Stopper. It is one of the most valuable badges as it can neutralize all offensive badges of an opponent. He can be used to shut down any player 1-4. He can also get a great deal of steals with his 92 rating and gold pick pocket badge. -3Pt Shooting: He has an easy release and hot zones on both of the corners. I upgraded his Catch and shoot and then added Deep-range Deadeye and Limitless Range. He has become one of the most consistent catch and shoot cards I've used this year.
  • Finishing: He is a strong finisher and I added relentless finisher to make it even better. He has 90 driving layup and 92 standing as well as 80 driving dunk with gold posterizer. -Draw Foul is 84 and he has an 82 free throw with an easy release.

Weaknesses: -Speed (Sort of): He isn't in the 90+ speed bracket, but at least on defense he has a 97 lateral quickness so he moves really well. I also do not use him as a ball-handler very often, but he has a 78 speed with the ball which like his 84 speed isn't amazing, but still is good. -Rebounding: Despite a decent vertical and reaction time, Battier has bad rebounding stats and rarely grabs rebounds. Depending on who your opponent has at the 3 it can be a slight problem. This also makes him really unplayable at the stretch 4 unless your opponent is also using a 3 with bad rebounding. You could add the hustle rebounder badge though.

Recommended Strategy: Catch and Shoot and cutting to the rim are the best options. He is not an iso player or a shot creator. Rely on others to get wide open catch and shoot threes.

Comments: When he is in my lineup in game his rating gets bumped up to a 93.

Use if: You need an elite 3 and D wing.

Don't use if: "You want a shot creator or have someone like diamond Vince or Pippen.

Bottom Line: If you have the MT and need a lock down defender who can counter an opponents best perimeter player pick him up.

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    I get greens about 80% of the time in the corners with him

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    I've now used Shane in 15 MTO games and he is averaging 14 points 3 rebounds 2 assists and 2 steals. He is shooting 70% overall and 57% from 3. His defense has been great I'm in the amethyst league and have faced multiple diamond small forwards and have shut them all down.

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    hahaahah 40K mt for shane
    I got him in a single pack