'69 Wes Unseld diamond card
95 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 85 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 94 DEF
  • 98 REB

Get him while hes cheap

Written by jpdamato

So i was kinda pissed when they didnt release wall but after seeing his stats i still pulled a few packs and pulled him back to back and decided to keep one to test out. this review is based off 3 games, 2 of which ended in rage quits so take it with a grain of salt. I would also not play him at center he fits much better at PF or even SF. He's essentially a PD Barkley mixed with diamond larry johnson, mixed with like a diamond draymond

Bought for: packed


  • Inside/midrange scoring: he dominates on the post will has a super easy post move and drop step both of which make it super easy to score in the paint. he has the easiest shot ive found in the game so far, he green lights everything and can hit some crazy shots.

  • outside scoring: deep mid and 3s are lights out if hes open, harder if hes guarded but still 11/17 in 3 games for me so far so he can easily hit them

  • defending: can lock anyone down, doesnt matter if theres a size difference because of his crazy strength and lateral quickness. like i said i havent tried him at center but hes getting 3 steals and 2 blocks per game at the 4

  • badges: holy shit. his HOF badges are no joke, he kills people on screens and get crazy rebounds over bigger guys cuz of the badges and his vertical

  • rebounding- HOF hustle rebounder and putback king. and 98 vertical. grabs them all and throws down putbacks like no other.

  • playmaking: way better than i expected, hes fast and can keep up with anyone and can make great passes, he could potentially play SF due to this


I really cant find one, if he plays center i can see guys like yao abusing him but ive locked down bosh, mikan and AD in 3 games so idk

Recommended Strategy:

  • Pick n Roll or Pop. Great as a stretch 4 or as a post player. you can run offenses through him to an extent and he can basically do everything

Other Comments:

  • well worth the price, i can see it rising once people realize how good he really is. he also has hot spots everywhere which helps his shooting a lot. averaging about 24/11/3/2/2 in 3 games

Use if:

  • want the PD barkley stopper and want probably the best PF in the game IMO

Don't use if:

  • ummmm cant afford or need a 100% knockdown shooter from 3 at PF

Bottom Line:

  • great player, i think his price will rise soon

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  • 6

    Excellent review man!!! He has 87 speed so maybe use him as a James Worthy type Small Forward? Would be an interesting way to use this card.


    Could work, speed with ball might be a bit too low, but definitely worthy a shot.

  • 2

    This card is solid as a power foward but as a center he sucks.


    I use him at,center and this far he is great, he still get a lot of blocks, point and rebounds for me, maybe it's because the Dennis Rodman force people to go at Wes but I don't care I love it


    yeah i havent tried him at C


    Dont even bother

  • 1

    Thank you so much for this.
    I was considering not buying him as he is a 6'7" Center, but using him as a PF, with all those badges and stats he is a budget MONSTER! Your review pushed me to buy him and I appreciate it man!

  • 0

    He is 5 games in at the SF position for me after i used him for a bit as PF.

    As a SF he is averaging 25.5 ppg - 1.5 rpg - 2.5 apg - 3 spg - 0.5 bpg and be ready.. 91% FG and 100% from 3 that he shoots!

    This guy is cannot miss man.He scores every open shot and any time he drives and if he fails on the drive it means he is going to the line for some free throws.Not even mentioning his post moves.They are all cheese.

    I badged all his bronzes and added Acrobat - Catch & Shoot - Corner Specialist - Pick Pocket and left the last 2 slots open for now.

  • -1

    tooooooo late and not the best

  • -23

    Review more fake then Kim Kardashians ass


    what how?


    he gets no rebounds. you obviously just looked at his stats and made this review, kys.