'57 Bob Cousy diamond card
95 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 98 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 76 REB

Jason William's Real Grandpa

Written by kotagames

As a big fan of old NBA players, I knew I had to pick up this Cousy card when it dropped. I also knew that all the Curry/Westbrook fanboys would be putting this card up for cheap because they only know NBA history back to 2011. I was able to get this card for around 85k, and he's legit better than almost anyone else I've played with in this year's game. His passing is insane, as he was the first real flashy player. Along with playmaking, there's his shooting and inside scoring, which are both also fantastic.

Bought for: 85,000 MT


  • Layups will almost always fall with HOF acrobat if he's not blocked
  • Super accurate passer, and fun to play around with flashy stuff and alley-oops
  • Shooting is insane from anywhere and his release is money
  • Dribble moves are at an AI level, and he can take ankles almost every time
  • 96 strength plus a decent post fade means Cousy can daddy almost any PG down low
  • Rebounding is like Russell Westbrook, but better
  • This guy actually feels like Jerry West on defense, cookies for days


  • At 6'1", he'll get blocked a lot if you just blindly drive
  • He can't dunk (this isn't a huge problem, but I know this community well enough to know that's a turn off)
  • Against people who run Giannis or LeBron at PG, you might have some trouble defending

Recommended Strategy: Iso, pull ups, use him as an actual point guard and pass the damn ball

Other Comments: I have no idea why people don't like this card. He's not gonna run down the court and dunk it every time like Westbrook, so he must be inherently horrible. If you use him like an actual pure PG, he'll thrive on any team.

Use if: You want a floor general with six more rings than Westbrook

Don't use if: You want Westbrook

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