'69 Wes Unseld diamond card
95 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 85 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 94 DEF
  • 98 REB

Budget Barkley!

Written by JL98

There is alot of hate going out to the newly released event cards and rightfully so, once again 2k do the complete opposite of what everyone wants, i personally wanted a diamond Wall but it is what it is. After checking the stats for Wes i knew i would give him a try, obviously his height is why most people are turnt off this card as a 6 foot 7 center is going to get destroyed no matter the stats by Yao and crew. So this review shall be based on him playing at PF position. Wes is an extremlely good card for the price if you can get over the fact he is not John wall or Gilbert Arenas.

Bought for: 45,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Unseld is immense at finishing down low, driving to the paint is almost a guaranteed bucket he fights through traffic, gets fouls and is just a tank running through the paint

  • Dunking: I could of included this in inside scoring but i felt it was necessary to talk about it in more detail. Simply put this guy is a freak, he gets waaaayy up there! I love dunking card they are so fun and this guy has some really flashy dunks, cockbacks, windmills etc... Expect many posters.

  • Outside scoring: Deadly mid-range if left open is going to knock them down, pretty nice, smooth release too for a center. His three ball is money too, he was always open in the corner for me when playing at the 4 and knocked them down at a good clip. Strange he has an 88 three pointer when he only shot 6 threes in his career, but hey thats 2k. Great at stretching the floor in general.

  • Post game: Master in the post, spin and fadeaway are the go-to moves he is really good and will finish 8/10 times if you post up IMO.

  • Speed: Probably the most surprising part of this card. Wes is stupid quick for a card billed as a center. I knew he would be quick off the ball (as he is) my worry was his speed with ball, but for some reason he feels so quick, i honestly think he could play at the 3 if you wanted him too. He can ball handle run around screens and dunk on everyone's face. Its surprisingly effective.

  • Rebounding: My worry was his height would have a negative effect but its not a major issue for rebounding he has HOF hustle rebounder and gobbles up most missed shots, he has a very high vertical which probably aids this. Can get a ton of putback dunks. But i wouldn't say it felt like 98 rebounding but don't let his height put you off.

  • Defence: overall a great defender, clamps up most cards and swats a ton of crap away. You could have issues against taller PF's like Porzingis but he holds his own

  • Badges: 5 yes 5! HOF badges, and they couldn't give PD wade one... But hey i'm not complaining. The badges really are noticeable and are great things to have on an already stacked card.


  • Free throw: its okay and pretty decent for a center but you will miss the occasional one but not a major issue but a minor inconvenience from time to time

  • Height: It really doesn't affect him as much as you think, however i did not play him at center, but when most people have Yao and gasol now i really think he would get bullied. He just isn't a good center play him at the 3 or 4 if you want to reap the rewards.

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, iso, post up, he can do it all offensively for the most part so its down to whatever situation you find him in. Play at 3 or 4

Other Comments: Has the fourth highest total stats of any card in the game, just something to keep in mind.

Use if: You want a very good value beast who is a fun card to use and will be staying on my team for the foreseeable future

Don't use if: You are looking for a lockdown center who can stop the Yao's and d-robs, he isn't really a center at all and you shouldn't buy him if you are needing a center.

Bottom Line: Wes unseld feels like a PD when i use him he is a beast on offence and defence and is not only a great card to help you win games he is just fun to use in general which i think is the most important thing in the game. I know there is a ton of hate for both Event cards but take the time to try him out you won't regret it he's the closest thing to PD barkley but you don't have to spend 10,000 dollars to get him. Thanks for taking the time to read my review.

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