Russell Westbrook diamond card
98 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 97 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 94 DEF
  • 93 REB

Not quite Oscar

Written by JBuckets36

This is a great card, whom I sold my Game Breakers Big O to buy. I didn't think Oscar was quick enough in-game and I wanted to swap out Oscar's post scoring for Russell's athleticism, since every other stat is practically the same. Russell is all that I wanted other than one glaring weakness...

Bought for: 355K MT


  • Inside scoring: Russ is a monster at the rim, finishing tough layups and slamming it down on anyone willing to try to stop him.
  • Athleticism: He's Russell Westbrook. Athleticism unmatched, nobody can catch him in the open floor. If Russ is leading your fast break it's points no matter what.
  • Passing: Great passing stats.
  • Rebounding: Grabs around 4-5 rebounds a game, so he's a very good rebounder at the PG position. Fun to grab a defensive board and go coast-to-coast. I will also say that for me, Russell is a much better rebounder than Oscar was ingame. That might be because I play in the paint with Russ a lot more, but on the rare occasions he misses at the rim he almost ALWAYS grabs his own rebound and puts it back up like an absolute beast.


  • Defense: His defense is good, but it's not on the level of Game Breakers Oscar.

  • JUMPSHOTS: This is where Oscar Robertson is noticeably better than Russell imo. I don't know what it is, but Westbrook can almost never make a jumpshot, whether it's a midrange or a three and regardless of how insanely open he is. Even if his release is a hair's width from a perfect release and nobody is even on that side of the court, he misses, and it is really frustrating. I don't know if it has to do with the shooting patch (I picked him up after that patch came out) but he virtually never greens jumpers and misses everything that isn't a green. I've got quite a few gameclips now of him bricking catch and shoot 3s/middys and pull-ups with no defenders within 10 feet for all the people who will say "you just take bad shots!". He's shooting 11% from deep for me thru his first 5 games, and I couldn't tell you what his midrange % is but I really don't think it's much better.

EDIT**: It seems they've patched shooting again and Russell is now a lot better at shooting. He's shooting around 41% from 3 for me now, still not quite as good as Oscar was for me but combined with his speed and athleticism advantage I'd say Russ is better all around.

Recommended Strategy: Go to the rim and get points.

Other Comments: After using both Big O 98 OVR and this Westbrook, I'll say that Game Breakers Big O is a better TRUE PG - as in, use him to orchestrate a real offense. He is a better jump shooter and in my opinion executes better passes and seems to really make other players on the floor better. However, if you want RUSSELL WESTBROOK, get this card, if that makes sense. This card will carry your team and can BE your offense if you want it to. The athleticism in my opinion makes him a much more FUN card to use and he is a much more proficient scorer. (With Big O I averaged around 15 ppg/17 apg/3 rpg. Russ averages 37.3 ppg/7.2 apg/5.5 rpg)

Use if: You want an athletic freak who can finish in the paint nonstop with a solid jumper and defense who can kill the other team singlehandedly.

Don't use if: You want a true PG, deadeye shooter or someone to just orchestrate your offense and leave the scoring to the rest of the team.

Bottom Line: If you have the MT, get him. It truly depends on your playstyle in my opinion and how you value scoring/defense/passing.

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