Robert Covington emerald card
81 Overall
  • 64 INS
  • 74 OUT
  • 59 PLY
  • 69 ATH
  • 68 DEF
  • 81 REB

3 Point Beast

Written by Skyblack

I needed a SF that could hit the 3 pointer for me since my starting SF couldn't and this are my observations so far!

Bought for: 1,200 MT


  • Standing Shot 3pt: 93 open and constested shot 3 , if open he is almost intant , if he is constested can hit 3s pretty well too 53% from the 3 point line in my case.

  • Defense: Well , his defense is pretty decent , not the best , but decent , it has 88 steal and 85 pass perception so that helps a lot.

  • Rebounding: This guy can get rebounds pretty well.

So guys i've got to tell you something about his release , his release is well , complicated , the first time i used him i was like : "this player is straight trash what the hell is that release". You just gotta go to freestyle and try his release and practice whit it , if you get this release right , i swear , green lights for days


  • Mid-Range Shooting: Not even try to hit a mid-range unless you are open and still , try to not get mid ranges whit this guy.

  • Hot Zones: This card has no hot zones . I guess this is a bad point of this card , but it's better than having cold zones so yeah.

Recommended Strategy: P&R to get open for three , Spot Up shooting.

Use if: You want a SF that can shoot the 3 ball.

Don't use if: You have a PG13 type of guy that can hit 3's

Bottom Line: Again , go practice his release , the first time it will be trash , you have to get used to it.

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