'96 Gary Payton diamond card
96 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 93 OUT
  • 96 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 63 REB

The Regulator

Written by judau

Diamond Gary Payton will regulate any 5 out cheeser trying to get that quick three off a screen and his defence is damn good too but you can't be any westbrook sprinting cheeser off the street but you gotta be handy with the steal button if you know i mean gotta earn those wins! PAYTON BALL UP!

Bought for: 155,000 MT

Strengths: -Shooting you don't need 15 in the clip and one in the hole with this card it's murder for the defence anywhere on the court with the shot -Post game on average size guards the fadeaway is jordan/kobe like, a real go to bale out move -ISO the dribble moves are godly weak defenders will fall with ease plus with the post game makes him trouble for any squad to deal with
-Defence the best defensive pure point in the game on the auction this card will take who ever he's guarding completely out of the game
-The P&R cheese just does not work on this card RIP cheesers -Has simple dunk packages -Stealing on the cpu its a GG if you struggle on challenges you WON'T anymore with payton on MTO it's a reach in cheesers wet dream if the ball control is below a 90 the BALL IS YOURS -CPU off ball defence it's always making the right decisions getting interceptions,random steals and staying on assigned man
-On ball defence if you are good at on ball and there is low or no input lag it's a GG RIP to your opponent's point guard offensive game

  • Great shooting release that is so easy to green


  • He can dunk but really only in transition or when he has an open path but he won't be posterizing anyone

Recommended Strategy: "Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up, post moves,3pt,iso run the offensive flow of the game through him run plays for your team to get shooters open

Use if: "You want to regulate on that cheese

Don't use if: "Your looking to cheese up threes or run up the court thinking you're westbrook

Bottom Line: This is the best true pure point guard in the game no bull all ball complete domination and regulation

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    Hey could you please help me and explain what the hell my situation is??!!??... I bought Gary Payton for 200000 MT put all the damn badges on didn't like him so I've decided to put 40 contract cards on him and it was sold for 150000MT.......HOW THE FUCK IS THIS Possible? the ones without badges are going for 180000MT right now.... WHAT THE FUCK DID 2K plan this shit on me or something??..... I put it up in the auction for 24 hours like WHAT THE FUCK.......


    a lot depends on when you are trying to sell it




    you can only put your starting bid to a max of 100k

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    Great review. I think a lot of folks are put-off that the purple pick pocket doesn't translate into a steal everytime he is close to the ball. But, that hof pick dodger is the most important badge he has. Clamp God.

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    I need JOhn Stockton:(

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    I don't know mate i got mine for 155k no added badges on a late night tuesday auction there is more people competing for cards during the day and the weekends