Patrick Mills emerald card
83 Overall
  • 70 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 82 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 65 DEF
  • 40 REB


Written by VasicL21

Patrick "future 6th man of the year" mills is a gun young aussie. this emerald card is cheesy as patty can shot the three ball really well in the game when open and contested. He normally always hits them from top of three or near, this emerald has ratings of a ruby, get him cheap he is worth it.

Bought for: 6,500MT


  • 3pointer: Patrick displays a gun three ball that is fire from anywhere on the three
  • Passing: He can throw good lobs and outlet passes really well
  • Mid range: He can knock down a three really well but his mid range is pretty fire as well


  • Rebounding: can't rebound for crap he aint no russ what do you expect
  • Defense: he aight but not that good at d, definitely an offensive card

Recommended: shoot a three or mid range off a screen

Other Comments: he is an aussie, how can u not love him Use if: you want a gun aussie that can shoot, soz bogut

Don't use if: you don't want a future goat

Bottom Line: HE IS AUSSIE MATE."

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