Chandler Parsons ruby card
88 Overall
  • 74 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 75 PLY
  • 75 ATH
  • 72 DEF
  • 54 REB

Offensive Star

Written by ConnordaGOATpres

Bought for: Packed in Deep Shooters 2


  • Outside scoring: Excellent 3pt shooter, and Great Mid-range shooter; can shoot form anywhere has 4 sharpshooter badges gold
  • Shot Close: 82; can shoot from anywhere
  • Standing/Driving Layup: 92/85; amazing layup scorer
  • Stamina: 95; doesn´t get tired
  • Hustle: 80; can hustle to a loose ball
  • Overall durability: 81; can take tough physical nature


  • Rebounding: Gives away too many rebounds and can´t get any offensive
  • Standing/Contact Dunk: 45/45; can´t dunk too well standing or through contact
  • Strength: 50; can´t bully his way through
  • Post Hook: 50; can´t execute post hooks well
  • Low Post Defense: 49; can´t guard low post which is bad for a forward
  • Block: 55; doesn´t get too many blocks

Recommended Strategy: "Catch and shoot, layups"

Use if: "You want a sharpshooting small forward who can score inside as well"

Don't use if: "You need good rebounding, a post scoring small forward, a mad dunker, or a shot blocker"

Bottom Line: "Great small forward with amazing offense, defense could use work though."

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