'08 Ming Yao amethyst card
91 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 74 OUT
  • 48 PLY
  • 63 ATH
  • 82 DEF
  • 90 REB

Best Budget Big Man

Written by zman4977

I had 18,000 mt and i was running Ruby Faried at the 5 so i was in need of a new big man, when scrolling through the list of centers under 18,000 i was shocked to see a 7 foot 6 center like Yao available i didn't even need to take a glance at his stats and bought him right away, now he is easily my best player who i go to every time i need a bucket through 5 MTO games a 6 games of Domination he is averaging 22.3 PPG while grabbing 8.5 RPG, swatting away 2.3 BPG, and shooting 873 %, the man can make almost any layup you shoot i recommend post spins to get open and if that doesn't work resort to a simple hook shot, his great mid range game came as a suprise to me as his release is money greens 2/3 times i shoot and even if they don't green they will likely go in, Yao Ming is a must buy regardless of how good your lineup is,

Bought for: 16,500 MT

**Strengths: Inside Scoring: shooting 873 % while averaging 22.3 PPG should speak for itself

Mid Range: Wet release, lots of greens, DO NOT LEAVE HIM OPEN

Athleticism: His Speed comes as a surprise for sure he catch up to your point guard for a chase down block

Ball Handling: Don't sleep on Yao's handles there have been countless times i've put some moves on an opponents center with him


Rebounding: I mean come on... hes 7'6

Stamina: I have him in almost all game and he rarely gets tired


3 Pt Shooting: despite his flawless Mid Range game Yao will not be hitting any threes for you

Recommended Strategy: "Post up, then perform a post spin... Buckets every time"

"Stand at mid range, when the defender sags off pop it in his face"

Use if: "You want a big man you can score any time you need it and will play perfect D"

Don't use if: "You want a big man who can run 5 out to perfection and pop 3's like KAT or Porzingis

Bottom Line: "Yao is a god and it stil amazes me that he is so cheap... so buy him right away"

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