Andrew Wiggins diamond card
95 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 71 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 91 DEF
  • 73 REB

[Andrew Wiggins Review]

Written by Daybe

Looking at how many amazing diamonds there were in Season Elite, I thought I would rip a box or two (or six) on these packs, because some of these cards look insanely good. They just found the cheesiest stretch big and threw them in there lmao. Anyways, in my third box, I got the diamond animation. To be honest I was going to be happy with anyone, and when I opened it up, I got one of my favorite players: Andrew Fucking Wiggins. This man is a monster on both offense and defense.



Andrew Wiggins


SF or SG (I used him as a SG)


6' 8", 200 lbs


Minnesota Timberwolves


Season Elite





General Ratings

91 Outside Scoring

84 Inside Scoring

71 Playmaking

89 Athleticism

91 Defending

73 Rebounding

Attained Through

Season Elite Box


Similar to: 95 overall Dominique Wilkins


In my first game with this card, I was cheesing with him. On offense to be honest I was a bit disappointed with his dunks. He has great animations but 2K fucked up the tendencies, and when I checked they were all 10s. Until 2K fixes him I will be using him more as a shooter. But he does that extremely well! After watching his jumpshot as a Timberwolves fan I already had the hang of it when I got into the game, so I was just abusing his mid-range. He has some great badges for the mid, like Gold Catch & Shoot, Gold Difficult Shots, and Gold Mid-Range Deadeye. Sometimes with all this down it felt like his open mid-range was a 99. He's great on fast breaks as well.

His defense is lights-out. All his defense stats are above 95 which is such a huge upgrade over the amethyst. His defense is better than Amethyst Kawhi! He rarely makes any mistakes with the on-ball unless you make them and is a lockdown perimeter defender. He also gets quite a few steals and even some blocks. If you take a bad shot, Wiggins will make you pay. And of course, he has great badges as well, including Gold Charge Card, Gold Chase-down Artist, Gold Defensive Stopper, Gold Pick Dodger, and Gold Pick Pocket.


The big weakness for me is that with the tendencies broke, he isn't dunking as much as he should be. Don't get me wrong, he still dunks, but sometimes he'll do some stupid layup animation and it really pisses me off considering his dunking is arguably the biggest strength of his game.



While his tendencies are still broke, use him as a mid-range deadeye. Get him open as much as possible and good things will happen.


Play him against their #1 option (unless it's a power forward/center). He will lock that player down as long as you aren't making any huge mistakes on-balling, or you could just off-ball but you all know how the 2K community hates that


Put a speed shoe on him and it's OVER as soon as the tendencies are fixed.


Scoring: 2/2

Playmaking: 1/2

Defending: 2/2

Value for Money: 1.5/2

Other: 2/2

TOTAL: 8.5/10


Incredible all-around card for those with enough MT. He's going to go for a damn lot, though, so if you pull him and you already have diamond Vince/Dominique then I urge you to sell him immediately.

Recommended Upgrades

97 Vince Carter


VIDEO: (Credit to kodeman)

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