Harrison Barnes amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 79 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 65 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 78 DEF
  • 63 REB

Harrison Barnes review

Written by Bogotac

While everyone is getting the new diamonds. I was trying to find a good small forward that is a deadly scorer. This Barnes does everything i wanted him to do. I pulled him in my 6th single pack, which isn't bad of a pull i guess. He is one of my favourite players this year, and here is my review on him.



Barnes, Harrison






Dallas Mavericks


Season Elite Current





General Ratings

90 Outside Scoring

79 Inside Scoring

65 Playmaking

87 Athleticism

78 Defending

63 Rebounding



GP: 4

GS: 4

MPG: 20.6

PPG: 16.1

ORPG: 1.9

RPG: 4.6

APG: 1.5

SPG: 1.1

BPG: 0.3

FG%: 53.3

3P%: 56.4

FT%: 84.6%

TOPG: 2.9

FPG: 1.7

DD: 0

TD: 0

Per 36

GP: 4

GS: 4

MPG: 36

PPG: 28.1

ORPG: 3.3

RPG: 8.1

APG: 2.9

SPG: 2.0

BPG: 1.3

FG%: 53.3

3P%: 56.4

FT%: 84.6

TOPG: 5.0

FPG: 3.1

Attained Through

Season Elite Packs, Auction House

Similar to 95 Lou Hudson

STRENGTHS Scoring overall

Barnes is a very deadly scorer. His open shot three(90) and open mid range(94) which is the same as Lou Hudson (he has 88 open three and 96 open mid range, which is the same pretty much, and Barnes has a nice hot-zone on the top of the key which helps him a lot aswell). Lou doesn't dunk on people often, while Barnes has gold posterizer and great dunk animations, and dunks on anyone who isn't called Yao Ming. Fast break.

Barnes is 6'8 and has (88) speed with (84) acceleration. That helps him get down fast, also having Gold fast break makes him a monster in transition. He jams it on most fast breaks, and can catch lobs on them aswell, having a dunk rating of (81) and lob city finisher (gold).

However, Barnes can't really be played at the 4 because of his rebounding stats, where weaknesses get in play..


Rebounding He has pretty bad rebounding stats(58) and (64). But he still grabs a few with his insanely high vertical (98). He however isn't the best stretch 4, but putting hustle rebounder can help him, and his speed lets him outrun most centers, so if you want to run him at the 4, make sure you give him hustle rebounder.



Works best in isolations. Can get by a lot people and dunk it/lay it in the basket.


Great 1v1 defender. Has pretty high lateral quickness which helps him a ton (86). However, is very vulnerable getting posted up.

OTHER Not the best playmaker. Everything else is alright, he gets a few turnovers, you just need to be smart with him.


Scoring: 2/2

Playmaking: 1/2

Defending: 1.5/2

Value for Money: 2/2

Other: 1/2

TOTAL: 7.5/10


Use if you want a great shooter/scorer and you run a fast paced offense based on a lot of fastbreaks.

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