Brook Lopez amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 45 PLY
  • 72 ATH
  • 81 DEF
  • 87 REB

Brook The GOAT

Written by FelixForMVP

I had bought this card to replace my amethyst Jokic because I've used Brook in previous 2Ks and I actually like this card A LOT. He is a god. He's literally a lights out shooter.

Bought for: 20,000 MT


  • His release is probably the best release that I've ever used on a center. He greens almost every single wide open shot.
  • Brick wall badge, pick and popper, and catch & shoot make him DEADLY. Calling a pick and fade usually leads him to being open, with those badges he almost always makes his shots.
  • His post/inside game is really good too and he can finish down low with his post animations. -Good defender with 95 block, 80 shot contest, 90 defensive consistency. Only bad defensive stat is lateral quickness.


  • Only problem I have is his speed (35), he will get burned by other centers with higher speed but those centers with high speed are usually never out of the paint.

Recommended Strategy: Pick & pop or post him up down low. He's great off the catch and shoot too.

Use if: You want a great streatch big who can also play inside.

Don't use if: You like to have a quick inside center like Dwight or Drummond.

Bottom Line: Great value for money, and he's a great player to run your offense through.

Through five games he averages: 15.4 PPG, 2 APG, 6 RPG. He also shoot 62% from the field and 54% from 3.

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    Nice review! What league are you in? I would assume that he cause a huge problem against some of these fast breaking teams. You mention that "those centers with high speed are usually never out of the paint". Doesn't this still cause a problem as they book it down the court?


    Hey my bad for replying late but I'm in the ruby league. He's definitely a problem against those fast breaking teams because my center (Brook) couldn't get back on defense.. So since I saw that Myles Turner come out, I gave him a try and noticed HUGE differences in my defense.


    Thanks mate!


    No problem!

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