'96 Dennis Rodman diamond card
98 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 77 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 99 REB

Dennis Rodman Review

Written by Daybe

This card is one of the best cards in the game right now. He's by far the best defender with a fixed block, and he will guard the 1-4 amazingly well and is the best player available for his value. I sniped him for about 22k and he does everything well, including some uncharasteristic things for The Worm (not in a bad way). I assure you, he is worth his price. He's by far the best thing that I'll ever like about easter

Bought for: 22,000 MT


While Dennis Rodman's offense was never one of his strong suits throughout his career, in 2K they find a way to cheese him up. Although I don't completely agree with some of the ratings I'm absolutely happy with them. 76 three is absolutely insane on a Rodman card. He also has a nice middy as well even though he has a weird ass jumpshot (This is my first year using Rodman in 2K so I will have to get used to it). His dunking is fantastic, even though he doesn't always get the best animation he will dunk it. He posterizes as well, and had two putbacks. He is a monster in the pick and roll as well, If you lob it to him he will finish it.

His defense is as great as advertised. He guards the opponent's #1 scorer assuming it's not a center, and does it well. I played him on Ruby Curry and he kept swatting shit and 2K rewarded me for reaching. He also draws fouls extremely well both defensive and offensive. He's great on the perimeter and in the post. Also, he had a fast break chasedown. He averaged 22 rebounds per game for me as well when I ran him at the PF and boxed out taller players all day. He has great defensive badges, and draws charges so often for me.


None. At all. This card does more than you should expect for Dennis Rodman and does what he should be doing the best in the business. Unfortunately for @zemGOAT he can't run him at the 1

Recommended Strategy: Pick and roll spam cheese, lobs



Other Comments: Best defender in the game and will probably still be at the end of the year. 25K is an absolute steal for a card as amazing as this

Use if: You need an amazing defender/dunker who's badged out and cheap

Don't use if: You need a stretchy or tall PF like Kristaps

Bottom Line: Best value in 2K right now.

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