'08 Brian Scalabrine gold card
79 Overall
  • 69 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 52 PLY
  • 57 ATH
  • 54 DEF
  • 60 REB

A Honest Review On The G.O.A.T

Written by LarryJohnson

So far, I have played 13 games with him and he is 23-26 from 3. Since he is the goat you could say he was 23-23 but anyway, yeah on with the review. But, I'm pleasantly surprised how good this Scal card is.


  • He can shoot middys and triples really well
  • Free throws
  • Outside Scoring in general
  • His post fade is pretty good


  • Inside scoring is really bad and he just can't make layups
  • Defense can't lock up at all except for in the paint
  • Playmaking, well he's so good he don't have to pass the ball
  • Rebounding he gives away way too many easy rebounds
  • Athleticism just slow

This card can be pretty good if you use it right, for example PNR and PNF (pick and fade) he gets open a lot off pick and rolls so, that's the strategie to use when using the Goat. This is probably one of the better historic golds in 2k17. I would actually recommend this card to anyone.

Thanks for reading. :D

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