'86 Ralph Sampson diamond card
95 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 78 OUT
  • 75 PLY
  • 88 ATH
  • 90 DEF
  • 97 REB

Better Version Of PD WILT!!!

Written by jalen#23

Let me just say that as soon as a pulled this card I went looking at his stats and I compared him to the pd wilt i have and his stats are better!!!!!!! This card is basically wilt with better stats. Now let me tell you a little about this card he is a great mid range shooter and a great rebounder right now he is averaging 21.5 points 6.3 rebounds and 1.7 blocks in 4 games!

Bought for: 155,000 MT

Strengths: -Inside Scoring: if this guy gets any space near the rim its a gg he's such a beast in the post

-Defending: this guy defended 95 overall west brook and literally held him to 5-16 shooting he is a beastly defender!

-Mid Range Jumpshot-this card is lethal from mid I made most of my jumpers with him from mid while open and that is very good for a center


-3 pointer-This card can make open 3 pointers but dont count on him to his three is an 80 he is 7/18 from threes for me. -Other than that this card is a gg

Recommended Strategy: "Go to the basket and either draw a foul or try to make a post up shot when this card gets to the basket its over ladies and gentleman its over.

Use if: "you want great center at about everything! top 3 center in the game in my belief!"

Don't use if: "You need a big man with a 90 3 pointer which this is like 2 of those so ya.......

Bottom Line: "Great value for money and A top 3 center in the game hands down"

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