'01 Allen Iverson diamond card
98 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 97 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 93 DEF
  • 54 REB

Best Point Guard in the Game

Written by mynameispoop

This card is unguardable. Period.

Bought for: 294,000 MT/ Pulled diamond Hakeem last promo


  • Creating shots- Best card for off the dribble shooting, and with the combination of amethyst ankle breaker and deep range deadeye, you're gonna need to double team this card.
  • Drive and shoot or kick out for three- this AI has very nice dunk animations and amethyst dimer, so it's pretty much a score every time.
  • Defense- before this card, I would run 99 Jerry West at the point because of his insane steals, but this AI picks everything. Don't dribble in front of this card.


  • Rebounding: Not a rebounding threat
  • Size- not the tallest player, and he may struggle against Giannis at point guard or another tall player, but unfortunately after playing 5 games with AI I haven't ran into anyone with a big point guard so I still don't know what to expect.

Recommended Strategy: ISO, run at point guard, and let it fly even with the smallest bit of space.

Use if: You can afford this card and have a center with amethyst brick wall and surround AI with good shooters. Don't use if: You are not good with the right stick. Bottom Line: If you are going to get this AI, you might as well invest the rest of your MT into the rest of the set because this is the best set MT wise, and you get the best PF in the game, Karl Malone.

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