DeAndre Jordan diamond card
93 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 31 OUT
  • 38 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 97 REB


Written by McBuck33ts


Like throwing lobs? Like to physically bully down opposing, weaker centers down low like back in the old days? Like protecting rim and grabbing boards like your that kid from Ed, Edd, and Eddie? Do you actually want to have fun in this game? Hi, I'm McBuck33ts, and this Diamond DJ may be the perfect card for you!

Bought for: 50,000 MT


  • Dunking: This man, much like in real life, is a dunking machine. HoF Posterizer really helps him finish through any contact. If he's open in the lane, if there's an undersized/ non-defensive player under the rim, or if some poor soul wondered too close to the paint, throw it down.
  • Lobs: It isn't Lob City for no reason, pair the Hof Lob City Finisher badge with his ridiculous vertical and that's an easy two points. Whether in transition or off the Pick and Roll, don't be afraid to lob it up when he is running towards the basket.
  • Standing Layups: You may not think layups are that big of a deal, but a players ability to make a standing layup against strong defensive pressure can mean life or death. Or win or loss. He is a big body, his strength and 98 Standing Layup are a blessing.
  • Rebounding: He crashes the glass. (That's a State Farm reference.) HoF Hustle Rebounder is such a great badge, he grabs so many offensive rebounds because of it. Add the badge with his ability to jump out of the building and you'll be eating boards.
  • Defense: No one is going to come into the paint without leaving with a few bruises. Deandre is fast, he's quick, and he will hold down the fort better than most. He seems to time blocks well for me, especially if someone thinks they can get an easy layup.
  • Athleticism: Runs fast and jumps high? Like in real life, DJ is an exceptional athlete. Speed/ Vertical all help out with his ability to score. He just makes things fun. He's a big boy, that strength really helps him lock-down others.


  • Free-throw: While the rating is atrocious, his release is not half bad. It's slow yes, but the ball usually sits on the rim and falls in. I may have missed 1-2 shots in the six games I've played with him.
  • Shooting/ Post Moves: He's not Marc Gasol or Hakeem, don't try to score with him in the post, it's probably not going to work. Maybe if you Drop-Step, but just rely on his strength and athleticism to score.
  • BBQs: He looks like the uncle that eats food off your plate, so watch out. DO NOT INVITE HIM TO FAMILY REUNIONS/ COOKOUTS!

Recommended Strategy: Run a Pick and Roll with someone with Lob City Passer (it'll ensure that the pass gets through) and when you seem him cutting towards the basket, lob it up. Most of the time it's just safe dunks, but on occasion he'll pull out the windmill. It's great.

Other Comments: Whoever runs the PnR, make sure that they have Lob City Passer, because it makes things so much easier.

Use if: You want an uber-athletic center who dominates on the glass and throws down thunderous dunks.

Don't use if: You want a Stretch 5 like Marc Gasol or Jokic/ Post-Players like Hakeem or Kareem.

Bottom Line: He's fun, he'll get you boards and play defense, he'll catch lobs and throw it down like nobody's business, he'll do everything that an old school, defensive-minded center would do. For the price and the contributions he makes to my team, it was worth it. Big time.

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    "looks like the uncle that eats food off your plate" lol

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    do you have his dynamic duo with derozan? i was wondering how the stats improve


    I have used the duo before, it works great, especially for the budget. From what I remember, DJ basically boxes out everyone and can dunks more efficiently. His freethrow goes up and I hit it 90% of the time. Basically, he's like a shorter Shaq. DeRozen gets a 3pt boost and if you find one with badges like Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist, Mid-Range Deadeye, Difficult Shots you should have a consistent jumpshooter. In my opinion he has one of the best releases, especially from the corner. Once the duo is activated, add a shoe and the multiplier gives him a 99 3pt. For about 50k for the entire duo I'd say do it. In a nutshell the duo makes their weaknesses null and makes them both very good assets to any team.