'71 Gail Goodrich diamond card
97 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 87 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 37 REB

Gail Goodrich Review

Written by Lebron2368

Hey guys, this is my first review so go easy on me :).

Even though he is a shooting guard, he can also play the point guard spot just as well. Some players I went up against would just use him for shooting 3s which he is good at, but people apparently don't know that he has a 90 drawing foul! I personly believe he can hit 3s better than Curry (or maybe I just suck at using Curry). He is a good passer so in case you can't shoot well with him, you can use a nice pick and roll play.

Bought for: Picked him for Historic Domination Reward


  • Inside scoring: 94 close shot and 96 standing/driving layup!!!
  • Mid-range and shooting 3s: 97 open shot 3 and 96 open mid-range.
  • Athleticism: He is very fast with a 90 speed and 90 acceleration. He also has a 97 stamina so he doesn't tire out as fast as other players.


  • Rebounding: He is 6'1 ok, what do you expect.
  • Post: Don't know why you would use him in the post with a 36 post control and 25 post hook.

Recommended Strategy: "Drive inside, he might convert an and one with that 94 close shot and 90 drawing foul.

Use if: "You want an athletic, scoring shooting guard and point guard.

Don't use if: You want a shooting/point guard who can grab boards and work in the post.

Bottom Line: He is a great scorer who is very fast and will draw fouls.

(I have him as 4 stars because he can't rebound that good, otherwise, he would be 5 stars).

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    good review for your first time.


    thanks :)

  • -1

    Awful review. Goodrich is an insane dunker. He has literally posterized Yao for me when hot.

    This is because of his relatively high strength and vertical for his size, and also because for some reason he just loves to dunk it. He flies up like a mouse on crack and YAMS BRO.


    Just found out he was when u posted this I changed it.