Kelly Olynyk amethyst card
90 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 55 PLY
  • 73 ATH
  • 76 DEF
  • 84 REB


Written by Wailord255

Kelly Olynyk is the greatest Celtic of all time. The literal GOAT is here to stay, and will lead the Celtics to sweep the Warriors. Kevin Durant is nothing to this behemoth. His stats may be low, but you will hang up your DS2 Tracy McGrady after this.

Bought for: 10,000 MT


Playing Dirty- You can count on Olynyk to break the opponent's arm, and shove them down.

3-pt Shot-Olynyk has a WEEEEET release, knocks down 3's like he knocked down Kelly Oubre Jr.

Defense-Defense is spectacular. His armbar IQ is very high, more likely to use it on Kevin Love.

Setting Screens- Olynyk is very good at setting reliable dirty screens, although he is bad at legal screens.


Called Out- Very clean players such as Draymond Green will call out Olynyk for being dirty.

Kids-One look at Kelly Olynyk tells you that you should not leave you kids around him.

Playmaking-ive seen shaquille o'neal make more passes.

Recommended Strategy: Pick and pop, shove them down.

Other Comments: (optional) Do not use with Kelly Oubre Jr, Kevin Love or Draymond Green.

Use if: You want to harm your opponent mentally and physically.

Don't use if: You don't want to use the GOAT.

Bottom Line: I hate Kelly Olynyk

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