LeBron James diamond card
95 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 87 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 75 REB

Lebroooooon James

Written by TheRealChopMerc10

I had wanted a good Lebron card for the entire year, and the Amethyst didn't cut it for me. When this card was released, I knew I had to cop it. 6 Hall of Fame badges, 90+ three point ratings, and 4071 attributes with 25 intangibles?! A hidden Pink Diamond and something I saved up for immediately. I saw one for 170K with a Diamond shoe and bought it right away.

Bought for: 173,000 MT


This card is an incredible representation of actual real life Lebron. He dominates in all aspects of the game like he does in real life. 2K also fixed his release year from last year's awkward fading-looking shot, so it's smoother and buttery this year.

-This card finishes terrifically at the rim, and utilizes great animations around the basket when going up for a layup. He also throws down dunks with reckless abandon and draws fouls a lot. He is so strong that he rarely gets fouled without converting on an and-one. No joke - I'm calculated that over 50% of the time that he gets fouled around the rim while shooting, he gets the shot to sink in too. A big note - when he goes to the free throw line, many people think his 67 free throw rating is the glaring weakness to the card, but I don't think so. If you take the time to LEARN his release, he becomes a great light machine from line. I've shot over 50 free throws with him and I'm shooting 80%

-Mid-range scoring is automatic. He greenlights at an unbelievable pace, either standing, off the dribble, or even fading away to either corner.

-Post scoring - Lebron will absolutely body smaller small forwards in the paint, and frustrates opponents with his strength. I probably go into the post with Lebron at least 10 times a game, and he's cash money. His up and under and post fadeaway are the best moves to use with him in my opinion. Draws a lot of fouls here as well.

-3 pt shooting - This card has a 92 open shot three. Ninety-two... on a Lebron card. Cheeeese. Open three pointers are easy to hit, but don't shoot too much - he's no Chris Mullin from the arc. But I encourage you to shoot it whenever he's open! I'm shooting 50% from the arc with him. If you get him going from 3, you can fake and blast to the rim around your defender for a mid-range or a dunk.

-The playmaking on the card is unbelievable. I love that 2K made him the smart passer that he is in real life. He can drop dimes to teammates and draw the double teams in order to spot open players in the paint or on the perimeter. A great break starter, he can pass it well there too. There is no pass that Lebron can't execute. No joke, cross-court passes are simple too.

  • Rebounding - His high vertical allows him to sky for boards anywhere in the paint, especially defensive rebounds. Don't be afraid to bring Lebron into the paint to grab boards.

-Defense is lock for this card. Lebron can defend 1-4, on the perimeter or in the paint he Blocks so many shots, surprisingly very commonly on the mid-range jumper, and of course in the paint as well. Lebron rarely fouls and is a threatening defender on the perimeter, where he can keep up with 2 guards with his speed. Lebron can also steal the ball at a high rate and always turns it into a transition basket.

-Athleticism - Wow, this card has nearly the athleticism of his Miami Heat days. His speed and acceleration are both 94?!!!! Holy, these stats allow him to Exploit mismatches on offence if you put him at the Power Forward position and play elite perimeter defense. Not to mention throw down mean dunks over like 3 people, and blow past defenders on the drive.


This is my first review where I literally cannot find a weakness to put on this card. OP.

Recommended Strategy: Put at the Small Forward position, or if you're me, the Power Forward to create mismatches every time down the floor. You can even cheese with him at the 2 or 1 positions. Don't force up crazy shots with Lebron, but don't be afraid to drive inside with reckless abandon, block folks on Defense, or let an open 3-pointer go.

Other Comments: One of the best cards in the game in my opinion. He perfect represents the athleticism of his Heat days and his poise and playmaking of his newer Cavalier days. He is an unstoppable force on offence or defense, and is very versatile.

Use if: You are a human, and a basketball fan

Don't use if: You're a female dog and are a bandwagon

Bottom Line: A must cop in the price range of 130-180K

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