Kelly Olynyk amethyst card
90 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 55 PLY
  • 73 ATH
  • 76 DEF
  • 84 REB

An Actual Review for the GOAT

Written by MotorCity5

I never in my wildest dreams imagined a star table Kelly Olynyk card in myTeam... The entire game I was ridiculously excited how insane he was performing, hoping like heck this card would happen. Normally I'm smart about cards like this, might wait a week for his price to drop in half, but I had to get him immediately... Don't be fooled by his 95 intangibles, this mans a beast.

Bought for: 17,500 MT


  • Inside scoring: I was somewhat surprised by this. This man dunks everything, and is a MONSTER with post moves... Also draws fouls consistently, and often converts and ones. Good driving layup for a center too.
  • Outside scoring: Pick and pop is the way to go with Kelly. He makes everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. He drains 3's with ease, and his mid range is absolute money. His release makes it that much easier, greens for DAYS
  • Passing: Never misses easy passed and can actually make some nice flashy ones. Consistently puts teammates into position to score.
  • Running the break: Faster than his rating suggests, and has the passing and shooting ratings to dominate in this area
  • Rebounding: His tall frame makes a serious difference here, numbers don't show it, but between his badges and height, he's a BEAST on the boards
  • Setting screens: Badge helps, tough to get by his screens. Just ask the other Kelly.


  • Defense: Gets backed down by stronger centers, and fouls way too often. Not a major weakness, as his height once again bails him out often. Not necessarily a weakness, just not a strength...
  • Stamina: Doesn't get tired too fast, but his stamina takes a long time to replenish though for some reason.

Recommended Strategy: "Pick-and-pop, mid-rang/3 pointers off the catch, post moves, point center

Other Comments: (optional) "That clutch performer badge is REALLY helpful. Beast in the 4th."

Use if: "You want a stretch 5 that can pass, shoot, and even run the break."

Don't use if: "You need an intimidating force in the paint that can lock down anybody."

Bottom Line: "Great value card in a week or two. Great budget center overall that can do a lot of things other centers can't."

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