'93 Patrick Ewing pinkdiamond card
99 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 67 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 95 DEF
  • 98 REB


Written by Dougkyle11

Just got the this mans from the locker code and am hyped. His stats are brazy and I was looking for a center so this was perfect.

Bought for : fast fingers


Nose- this man has the largest nostrils I have ever seen. If your team was lacking a sense of smell this is your man Shooting- 2k must have been tripping shrooms while making these stats. 84 three and 97 mid range this card is pure daggers Rebounding- Ewing will use windex and a microfiber cloth to clean the glass. He gets an incredible amount of rebounds Post moves- This man is black Kevin Mchale. He is unstoppable in the post

Weaknesses: Going through doors- Since he is 7 feet tall he may sometimes bump his head on a door

Recommended Strategy: Post up, Pick and Pop

Use if: You have fast fingers

Don't use if: Something smells bad in your arena because he will pick that up and may not play as good

Bottom Line: 2k should stop locker codes

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