'93 Patrick Ewing pinkdiamond card
99 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 67 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 95 DEF
  • 98 REB

Best Center I have Played With

Written by corvenzo

I have used many of the new diamond centers, including Hakeem, Kareem and Gasol. After I tried out this Ewing, he outdid all of them. Sold Hakeem and Kareem for a bunch of MT and moved Gasol to the bench

Bought for: Locker Code on my phone


  • Inside scoring: Unstoppable at the rim. He gets a lot of green releases on contested layups which is very nice. Has good size and strength and posters people left and right. Also has some of the best post fade/hook animations that are green 90% of the time. Unlike cards like Boogie and Gasol which have super low releases on their post fade and get blocked a lot, his is nice and high.
  • Defense: I don't know what it is (tendencies maybe) but he gets more blocks than any center I've ever used. Even if I'm not controlling him, he'll jump over and swat the shit out of someone. Also can keep up easily with faster PFs/Cs.
  • Rebounding: Not much to say. Just look at those stats.


  • His jump shot form works really well for me but might be a tiny bit funky for others. Practice for like 10 mins and you'll get it down.

Recommended Strategy: Run your post offense through him. Don't look for a jumpshot or three but if he's open, don't hesitate to shoot.

Use if: You want the best center in the game IMO

Don't use if: You didn't get him

Bottom Line: Perfect center with absolutely insane stats.

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