DeMar DeRozan diamond card
96 Overall
  • 93 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 87 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 73 REB

Honest DeMar DeRozan review!!

Written by Dwadegoat44

I was a big fan of derozan's amethyst last year so this year i was waiting on the right derozan to drop.

Bought for: 67,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: this MF wont miss near the rim if he got inside the paint GG, he makes every layup contested or not and if he doesn't make it he is drawing the foul.

-Dunking: Has some nice animations and comes with gold posterizer

-Release: His release is butter

-Mid range: With HOF mid range deadeye and the release he won't miss.

-Dribbles: they ain't the best but its not a weakness


  • 3PT Shooting: It is not elite but the release and the Kobe shoe help making him a solid 50% or better 3PT shooter.

Recommended Strategy: "Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up, pick and roll

Other Comments:"Defense is not the best but if you have good on-ball defense you are good"

Use if: "You want a great slasher and mid range shooter"

Don't use if: "You need great 3PT shooting or great defense"

Bottom Line: "Great value for his price if you know how to use him and he is pretty fun to use."

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