'71 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar diamond card
98 Overall
  • 99 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 81 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 95 DEF
  • 98 REB

Overwhelming card

Written by jaker5086

At first i thought this card was too expensive for me and I decided to go with cheaper centers. I've used diamond Gasol and Diamond Ralph Sampson as my centers and was happy with them for a while. But whenever they got matched up against this Kareem, i might as well been using bronze players. Kareem would out rebound them, block them, and dunk over Sampson and Gasol, even though they are both really great cards. Eventually the price dropped enough and i sold a few players and was able to pick up this absolute monster and he is now the center piece of my team. Through 14 games he's averaging 12 min, 21 points, 6.6 reb, 75% shooting, 80% from 3 and 90% from the line and that's not including the 4 or 5 games where people have quit in the first half. I also run him with oscar robertson to get the dynamic boost which helps a lot (moves open 3 to 84). This is my first review so go easy on me.

this review is based on using him with the dynamic duo. The duo boosts him to a 99

Bought for: about 200,000 MT


Scoring: inside, mid range, and from 3, this card doesn't miss. Makes a ridiculous amount of contested shots inside and if he misses, hes usually able to get his own rebound. His shot is easy to get a green release and makes most of his mid range and 3 point shots. (i'm 8 for 10 from three and most of them have been green releases)

Rebounding: 99 for all rebounding categories combined with hall of fame hustle rebounder and a 95 vertical makes him a beast on the glass

Athleticism: just a freak athlete. being 7'2 with 92 speed, 99 strength an a 95 vertical makes a huge miss match for slower centers that cant keep up with him down the court. Countless times he sprints up the court after a miss and is in the perfect place for an easy pass and dunk before the defense can get back.


I would say this card doesn't have any real weakness, however there are some things that confuse/ frustrate me during the course of a game.

  • gets more fouls than blocks for some reason. a lot of driving players will draw fouls against him even if they are almost a foot shorter.

  • i tend to get over confident with him and do a little too much dribbling with him which results in careless turnovers

Recommended Strategy:

-throw it into the post and let him go to work -pick and roll or pick and pop

Other Comments: (optional) "Doesn't have the usual set of plays, might not be good if you normally run plays for your point guard"

Use if: "You want an all around great center that you can score whenever you need a basket and want to frustrate your opponents

Don't use if: "there's no reason you shouldn't use this card unless it is out of your price range."

Bottom Line: in my opinion hes the best all around center you can get in this game

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