Derrick Rose diamond card
95 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 94 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 81 DEF
  • 50 REB

A Comprehensive Guide to DRose

Written by Jaykonus



D-Rose has one major identity on offense. PENETRATION. The core of his gameplay is learning how to attack the paint by getting past his defender. Derrick Rose is one of the very best cards in terms of driving/dunking on his opponents. I will be breaking down his offensive talents into four areas: Driving, ISO, Pullups, and Set shots.

Driving. As I will explain later in the guide, Rose has some of the best animations in the game, after Michael Jordan. This includes dribble moves, AND layups/dunks. The first option you should always be looking for, is a way to drive into the paint. Once in the paint, Rose has a huge arsenal of animations he can use to finish at the rim – HOF Teardropper, HOF Acrobat, and some jaw-dropping dunks. The other reason driving into the paint is so important, is that it opens up your other players for uncontested shots. While D-Rose CAN score all on his own, it helps to diversify your offense and include the rest of your team. Always try to push the pace with him in transition; HOF One Man Fast Break is fantastic, and he often can get easy dunks. Try to go around the outside when running the fast break – they will either let you go by, or foul. Learn to use and abuse the Teardrop jumper, as it will give you 4-8 points every game.

ISO. The bread and butter of Derrick Rose. Simply hit Left Bumper, and flick the stick to ‘ISO’ to set-up the play. All of his plays – driving, pullups, dishing the ball out – come from his Isolation gameplay. If you’re good enough with his dribble combos, there should rarely come a time when you cannot get past your defender 1on1. If this is the case, call a Pick and Roll to free up some space for you to do Rose’s thing. I will be going indepth into dribble combos later in the guide.

Pullups. Rose has a 95 open and off-dribble midrange shot. There is almost nobody better in the game at shooting fading, off-balance middies (Kyrie, Harden and Jordan are pretty comparable). One of your deadliest weapons is to drive laterally past your defender, get some space, and pop a fade from midrange. I recommend learning to use the shot stick for these, because often X/Square will miss off the side of the hoop. The best way to practice Rose’s skillset for pullups, is actually to play a Shot Creator archetype in MyCareer. Rose is essentially a Shot Creator who can finish like a god near the hoop.

Set shots. Rose isn’t wonderful at set shots, so this should be your last option to score. If your opponent gives you too much space at the top of the key, don’t be afraid to pop a shot over him (but make sure it is in one of Rose’s hotzones). Most of the time, a pump fake and drive will be better than shooting a standing jumper. One interesting move that will work against small opponents (6’3” and under) is to post up with Rose, and use X/Square to do a small hook shot to the left. The animation works almost every time.


Rose, while small, is an alright defender. He struggles against oversized Point Guards (Magic, Oscar, etc) but holds his own against anyone else. Good on-ball defensive stick skills should allow you to protect the paint, and staying close enough to his man will prevent three-pointers from landing.

He has a 75 Steal rating, which isn’t wonderful. Use sparingly, because it will often open your man up to a drive, if you miss the ball. A 79 Shot contest will be sufficient against pretty much everybody on the perimeter.


Rose’s Hall of Fame badges are amazing, and should be utilized as often as you can. However, there are 6 badges you should add to him:

  1. Catch and Shoot. To help his weaker set shooting.
  2. Limitless Range. Mandatory to allow you to splash threes from the top of the key. Allows for green releases.
  3. Defensive Stopper. The best badge in the game.
  4. Pick Dodger/Pick Pocket. Useful defensive badges.
  5. Bruiser. Mandatory in the current meta, to somewhat deal with the big PGs like Magic and Oscar.

Dynamic Duo:

Derrick Rose has a DD with Diamond Jimmy Butler. This raises his overall to a 98! More importantly, it raises his all his 3-Point ratings to a solid 90, as well as some nice defensive upgrades. Opting into this DD creates some serious alternative playstyles, since he is lethal from behind the arc. I recommend learning how to utilize the Stepback jumper, because Rose can drain these shots now. If you are looking for a way to make D-Rose even more potent on offense, and don’t mind running Jimmy as well, this Dynamic Duo is GREAT. Putting Jimmy at the 3 is possibly the best way to run this DD, since the Small Forward position is the weakest in the game in terms of influence.

Dribble Moves:

Rose has perhaps the best handles of any player in the game. I will try to list some basic dribble combos which will get you past your defender, although there are many more that you can use. These come from practice in Freestyle, and experimentation. Assume that Rose has the ball in his RIGHT hand before you make the move – they can be flipped however.

  1. Basic crossover – (Moving forward) R Stick LEFT, followed by Sprinting Left.
  2. Hesitation – (Moving forward) R Stick RIGHT, followed by Sprinting Right.
  3. Spin move – (Sprinting Right) R Stick COUNTERCLOCKWISE, followed by Sprinting Left.
  4. Double crossover – (Moving forward) R Stick LEFT RIGHT as fast as you can, Sprint Right
  5. Standing speed boost – (Standing) Flick R Stick LEFT and RIGHT repeatedly, Sprint either direction
  6. Transition Behind the back Crossover – (Sprinting forward) Flick R Stick DOWN, Sprint to Upper Right
  7. Stepback Hesi – (Moving forward) Hold Turbo, R Stick DOWN, Sprint either direction
  8. Crossover Behind the back - (Moving forward) R Stick LEFT, then quickly R Stick Down while Moving backwards, Sprint Right
  9. Crossover Stepback – (Sprinting forward) HOLD TURBO R Stick LEFT, R Stick Down while walking backwards. Great for stepback 3’s if they're sagging.



D-Rose is small. Abuse his height advantage if you can, because he doesn’t have the tools to block shots from the post. This is your chance to wear his stamina down, which will limit his effectiveness on the other side of the court. Bang into him as much as possible, especially with the Bruiser badge.

Pick and Rolls with Brick Wall can devastate Rose. As before stated, try to wear him down so that he doesn’t have the stamina for ISO plays.


Unless he has his dynamic duo, you can afford to sag off of Rose during his ISO gameplay. Don’t get fooled by some of his trickier dribble moves, and try your hardest to stay in front of him. Sometimes, he’s just going to make the shot no matter what you do.

Be prepared to come with help defense, once Rose gets past the primary defender. Always get your defense back as fast as you can, otherwise he will drive and dunk on you.


Derrick Rose is one of the most slippery players in the game, and can be very difficult to stop. He has an incredibly high skill cap, limited by the users' knowledge of dribble moves/combos and ISO gameplay. While not the best deep shooter, Rose makes up for it in midrange and the paint. The Dynamic Duo with Jimmy Butler is fantastic. Don't be afraid to sag off of him on defense, to make him shoot the ball.

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