Paul George diamond card
95 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 74 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 90 DEF
  • 61 REB

The hand up Mona Lisa's skirt!

Written by Bonesill

1st Review

'Review Based on Dynamic Duo pairing with Diamond 95 Kobe'

They'll never see him coming!

Bought for: 37,000 MT


  • 3pt Shooting!!! when paired with Diamond Kobe the 3pt stats make him the 2nd best shooter in the ENTIRE game (counting 95 & 98 Steph as one) I would personally place him as number 1 overall threat as none of my opponents have ever felt the need to guard him at the 3pt line instantly (like they would on Curry, Klay, Peja, Ray, Durant, Maravich, Jimmer etc.... you get the point! ;) ) Along with those stats he has a 90 Shot Three Tendency.. My advice shoot off-screens or drive and kick it out with a great playmaking PG (98 OVR Westbrook is perfect for this - He has Great driving and playmaking and is an instant defensive magnet when he drives the lane. And here's the kicker! He has a 94 Dish to open man Tendancy! (Matched only to my knowledge by 98 Ovr Magic / 98 Stockton / 98 Big O & 96 CP3) Magic and Stockton are best at this on paper, but to me Westbrook draws more attention and if he doesn't he can just throw down a Monster Dunk!!!

  • DUNKING - Stats are awesome 97 Driving Dunk / 95 Flashy Dunk Tendancy, His animations are fire!! usaully posterizes anyone in his way, ocassionally misses but with 95 draw foul you should be good.


  • DON'T post up with this guy! Unless you find yourself with a horrible mismatch to take advantage of, I suggest kicking it out and resetting the play.(Post fade stats are nice at a 85, but a virtually zero post shooting tendancy and countless experiments on a variety of match-ups has proved this to be an inconsistent and weak option for me.

  • DON'T get caught reaching on D! Play tight and lock em' down.

Recommended Strategy: "Shoot uncontested 3's (From anywhere within a couple feet of the line), Drive and Dunk Baseline (Pref. Left)"

Other Comments: Don't be put off by lack of HOF badges, this really isn't an issue as long as you badge him up with all gold shooting badges. Also add a speed or strength shoe to up those stats.

Use if: "You Have a more recognised offensive weapon (Distraction) on your team, you have Diamond Kobe, common sense and Understand that HOF badges aren't everything "

Don't use if: "His value definitely drops without the Duo Pairing, so to me with the market crashed the way it has this would be a deal breaker. Obviously if you have Diamond 98 Durant, 98 Larry at the 3 spot then why are you even reading this?? :) "

Bottom Line: "Paired with Kobe there aren't many better 2-3 combo's in the game, definitely not for the price (combined 180k MT). If you already have a great distributing PG and Big man I would highly recommend adding this Duo."

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    thanks for the review. I thought of getting the duo rather because I would like to have that kobe on my team. How does kobe play with the duo, is he actually getting better too? how do you use him? would be cool to have a kobe review from you too I guess lol


    Sure thing I'll post a Kobe review soon, but in the meantime.. He plays great too! Kobe's dunk animations are just too good - 360's windmills, you name it.. the duo also ups his 3 ball to a 94!


    thats cool! i got he 95 jordan, no 3 ball at all, inconsistent middy too, but damn fun to play anyway cause hes so fast, has nice handles for iso and such. i just wondered if kobe felt as explosive as him cause that ordan is really damn fast. currently trying to win kobe at 125k, I keep failing hehe

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    nice rewiew. I'm just asking myself " why I am even reading this" :)


    Thanks man and Haha, Honestly wish I never sold Larry! :( may have to get him back ;)