Jaylen Brown ruby card
89 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 78 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 57 REB


Written by CTRCR7$$

This player has everything you want from a great Small Forward

Bought for: Packed in Playoffs Packs


  • Inside scoring: 97 driving dunk and will put his nuts in everybody's faces. Also 93 driving layup
  • Outside Scoring: 85 open shot 3pt he will make most shots and rating should be a lot higher than it is
  • Defending: Great defending at protects the rim well even though low block rating. Great on ball defending so that you don't have to cheese with off ball.


  • Rebounding: Not the greatest but makes up for it by great defending and offense
  • Playmaking: Does not have great dribble moves but is faster with the ball than shown by stats. He will not break ankles.

Recommended Strategy: When you get a defensive rebound or turnover give the ball straight to him and let him run.

Other Comments: He will make most contested and open threes so either drive with him and finish at the rim or kick it out to him and let him shoot.

Use if: You want an athletic beast, good defender, and great shooter. Also great for domination

Don't use if: You want a playmaker and don't play him at the 4 because he won't get the rebounds over a Dennis Rodman or Anthony Davis etc.

Bottom Line: Great player for the money and super fun to play with

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    Definitely agree with all of this - for the price he is an amazing value. I used him to replace a sapphire Lebron as someone to run on the open floor and he is great!