'82 Adrian Dantley diamond card
97 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 80 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 79 DEF
  • 74 REB

97 game changer

Written by Sketchermorton7

Got him to carry my team off the bench, needed a go to guy that could take control of the game, and he delivers every possession. I centered my team around him to make sure he always has the best opportunity to score and carry my team which he does consistently. He has the best and easiest release in the game.

Bought for: 54,000 MT (Jazz Historic collection)


  • Inside scoring: excellent finishing, his layups are a 99% finish every time no matter how contested they are he will most likely get a green release.

  • Outside shooting: 95 mid ranger, I don't recall ever missing an open mid ranger with him, most of the mid rangers that you take with him will be green releases. he gets hot from the outside very easily, and will rarely miss anything outside if he is hot, and also has hot zones on all mid ranges.

  • Athleticism: his dunks are insane and unstoppable in the paint, and he is a great athlete, great speed, acceleration and vertical.


  • Rebounding: His rebounding isn't a problem, his size is, only 6"5 for a SF, it doesn't affect his game and how great he is that much, but he definitely lacks some rebounding abilities.

Recommended Strategy: Try to make him the main man on offense, if you give him the green light every possession he will carry your team, just make sure you use his as the main guy and not a role player, he can do everything on both sides of the floor and can just straight carry your team, he is the type of player that will be able to score every point for your team and carry the load offensively to completely change your team.

Other Comments: Just an absolutely amazing card, so quick and agile to get around defenders, and has the ability to shake defenders and knock down the jump shot with ease every time, the best card I've ever played with. He also gets hot and cold very easily, when he's hot he will knock relatively everything past half court, but he also gets cold easily, when he gets cold go away from him for a few possessions and eventually give him the ball to make a layup and a mid range and he will be hot again.

Use if: You want a game changing scorer to carry your team in all aspects.

Don't use if: You want a role playing stereotypical small forward to just get rebounds and play defense.

Bottom Line: I was at the right collection at the right time, I originally wanted to go after the knicks historic set and get walt frazier, but this set was extremely cheap for a guy like AD, and I knew it was a steal I had to jump on. absolutely amazing card, great scorer and will carry your team, just make sure to use him to drive, take mid range jump shots, and good 3 point shots, and will score easily for you

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