Giannis Antetokounmpo amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 80 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 83 PLY
  • 88 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 75 REB

Greek Freak

Written by BallerFromWBoro

Insane player! Giannis is a great 6'11" point guard. His card says he is a small forward but is most affective at point guard. Giannis can slash so well great at the rim never misses, and sometimes he will take the dunk. His mid-range is extraordinary, great release and if you have him at point guard the person guarding him is usually around 6'3" which gives him a better opportunity to not get blocked.

Bought for: 32,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing near the rim
  • Dribbling anamations really good (can speed boost)
  • Dunking machine: Dunks on everyone especially in transition
  • Mid Range: doesn't miss mid range shots especially at point guard when he has the height advantage he can't miss


  • Rebounding: Has poor rebounding for someone who is 6'11" but if at point guard his rebounding is decent
  • 3 Point shooting: has a rough three usually makes when open but can't really stretch the floor.

Recommended Strategy: "Drive 1v1, Put at point guard, mid range pull-up, take hard layups"

Other Comments: (optional) "Not listed at point guard put you have to put him there."

Use if: "You want an player that won't miss at the rim or for mid range"

Don't use if: "You need good 3 point shooting sniper"

Bottom Line: "Great value for money, nice player to use while building up your team."

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