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    Abcdert says he wants to go
    After we've gone toe to toe
    He'll fall like a domino
    My bars like a cheat code
    Tell him to get out the way
    'Cause Nova's gone Beast Mode

    I'm coming fast, you can't keep your composure
    I'm like a cop
    tell you to stop and pull over
    Run you over like I was a bulldozer
    Blaze right past
    And give you the cold shoulder
    My rhymes infect your mind like they were Ebola
    As I explode onto the scene
    Like a goddamn super-Nova

    Abc? You wanted to go with me?
    You weren't ready for this murder in the first degree
    Thought you could win. Well I disagree
    Cut you up like an amputee
    After this you'd better delete your account and restart on 2KMTC

    I'm close to the end now, and I'm a little bit calmer
    Go on, post your rap, eat your heart out, like Dahmer
    This was less of a battle, more of a slaughter
    And now you've dropped dead, I'd better call the embalmer


    damn not bad




    His response should be pretty good.

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    "Abcdert says he wants to go"
    bitch thinking he can beat me he already know
    but your gay ass would eat me like bamboo panda; po
    bitch im lyrically destroying you like poe
    blood in my veins as cold as the snow
    "you're almost on my level" headass hoe
    bitch ill shoot you down all i need is ammo
    claim that your hard but your as soft as glass on window

    Im gonna have to murder you sorry for your loss
    but i guess bill already killed you with a maturbation cross
    sorry i hit hit you with the sauce
    but for you getting followers was like a muthafucking sloth
    sit the fuck down bitch you know i'm your boss
    when im done with you they gonna have to send you to redcross
    get these lyrics all up on you like im mothafucking nas
    but if we talkin levels you're a fucking rick ross
    and im fuckin pac

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