'01 Tim Hardaway diamond card

'01 Tim Hardaway

Rewards / Rewards: Warriors

General information

6'0" (182cm)
175lbs (79kg)
P&R Ball Handler Isolation Mid Range 3 PT

Hot Zones


'01 Tim Hardaway diamond card

95 Overall

89 Outside scoring

  • 92 Open shot mid
  • 90 Contested shot mid
  • 91 Off dribble shot mid
  • 88 Open shot 3pt
  • 87 Contested shot 3pt
  • 88 Off dribble shot 3pt
  • 98 Shot IQ
  • 80 Free throw
  • 98 Off. consistency

96 Athleticism

  • 97 Speed
  • 97 Acceleration
  • 80 Vertical
  • 70 Strength
  • 98 Stamina
  • 94 Hustle
  • 85 Overall durability

79 Inside scoring

  • 93 Shot close
  • 92 Standing layup
  • 94 Driving layup
  • 25 Standing dunk
  • 25 Driving dunk
  • 25 Contact dunk
  • 84 Draw foul
  • 33 Post control
  • 25 Post hook
  • 55 Post fadeaway
  • 92 Hands

95 Playmaking

  • 95 Ball control
  • 96 Passing accuracy
  • 94 Passing vision
  • 94 Passing IQ
  • 97 Speed with ball

88 Defending

  • 90 On-ball def. IQ
  • 40 Low post def. IQ
  • 83 Pick & roll def. IQ
  • 82 Help def. IQ
  • 90 Lateral quickness
  • 98 Pass perception
  • 88 Reaction time
  • 97 Steal
  • 30 Block
  • 82 Shot contest
  • 90 Def. consistency

44 Rebounding

  • 40 Offensive rebound
  • 46 Defensive rebound
  • 45 Boxout
  • 95 Potential
  • 97 Intangibles
  • 3553 Total attr.

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  • 72

    Eat my shorts taken literally


    You just earned my first of many Comment of the Year


    You've earned my W. Please, take it

  • 16

    So 2k really couldnt find anyone to make these shorts whole in paintshop?


    No, in 2k, it is the whole photo of the player. On 2kMTCentral, it is just the photo. That is why Bill Russell and Hardaway look weird.

  • 5

    Every All-Time domination card is undersized for their position

  • 4
    [] Harry L CONTRIB 4

    Basically a carbon copy of last year's Diamond Rewards Tim Hardaway. Precisely the same ratings, all the way across the board, but now comes with 18 badges (1 x HoF) instead of just 6.

    Which is a very dramatic difference.

    I think he's going to be a very effective point guard for the early period of the game. He's obviously compromised due to height, but he is basically as good as 6-foot PG is going to be. Tremendous speed, very quick dribble moves, strong shooting, capable defense, and surprisingly strong and not easy to bully.

    For any Warriors fan, it's going to be really tough to pass up this Timmy, even if Unseld is almost certainly the best choice.


    Yeah, it's kind of like the 99 Robertson. They literally copied every single stat, and gave him some more HoF badges.

    [] Harry L CONTRIB 2

    There's actually a ton of copies. Pretty much all the historics are largely copied off of their equivalents from last year. Which is not a big deal if they got it right. The annoying thing is when they got it WRONG last year and just lazily repeat the mistake. Such as Fat Lever having Defensive Stopper, but Ron Artest not having it.


    It's not really a carbon copy his 3 point shot is a lot better and driving lay up is lower.


    Definitely picking this card for a Run TMC squad!


    I compared him to Ruby Baron Davis and Baron has better overall stats, this guy is not a true diamond.


    Tim= 97 intangibles
    Baron= 30 intangibles

  • 3

    I hope this card isn't as garbage as it was last year


    the card literally looks like garbage. I wouldn't get my hopes up.

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  • 1

    That image though

  • 1

    Looks like a ghost is trying to give him a reach around

  • 1

    In all honesty, this is going to be my diamond reward choice. People just don't know how to use shorter point guards so if you know how to use him, he'll be incredible


    it's not just that most people don't know how to use shorter guards. It's that there are SO many good point guards that this card won't last as long as the other 2.
    There aren't many cards like unseld.
    Dumars has excellent defense and shooting and hof defensive stopper

    At first I was going to go with dumars, but now I might go with unseld. He was great last year. He can play any position as well.

    Dumars has lesser steal rating than unseld, he is 6'3 and I don't want him as a point.

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    This was the worst set I completed last year. No way anyone should waste their pick on this card.

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    Tim hardaway is a great playmaker and a really strong defending on ball point gaurd. Comparing Tim Hardaway to pd isiah thomas just defensively is why I had to pick him up. Isiah's steal last year was op. And he could spread the floor. Hit catch and shoot threes but
    Isiah had a dunk where Tim hardaway doesnt. But with proficiencies Tim can shoot better threes. Tim's steal is higher and a 70 strength will likely result in a ton of bump steals. Worth the pickup because I can use him for a long time and I like height at the 4/5 and better driving at the 2.

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    How do you unlock this card?


    Beating alltime domination, you choose between Wes unseld, Tim hardaway and Joe dumars

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    I already have Jo Jo White with an infinity shoe and contract.. no point in wasting a pick on this dwarf. Fat Lever is more than a capable bench pg.. So I'm looking to get Dumars. He has the best shot stats of all the choices and HoF Defensive stopper! Which will make up for his being slightly undersized at SG.