'90 Julius Erving sapphire card

'90 Julius Erving

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6'6" (198cm)
200lbs (90kg)
Isolation Post Up Low Mid Range


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'90 Julius Erving sapphire card

86 Overall

77 Outside scoring

  • 85 Open shot mid
  • 82 Contested shot mid
  • 84 Off dribble shot mid
  • 68 Open shot 3pt
  • 68 Contested shot 3pt
  • 68 Off dribble shot 3pt
  • 95 Shot IQ
  • 76 Free throw
  • 90 Off. consistency

85 Athleticism

  • 82 Speed
  • 81 Acceleration
  • 95 Vertical
  • 84 Strength
  • 86 Stamina
  • 90 Hustle
  • 90 Overall durability

79 Inside scoring

  • 86 Shot close
  • 93 Standing layup
  • 90 Driving layup
  • 70 Standing dunk
  • 85 Driving dunk
  • 50 Contact dunk
  • 79 Draw foul
  • 42 Post control
  • 64 Post hook
  • 68 Post fadeaway
  • 89 Hands

70 Playmaking

  • 78 Ball control
  • 72 Passing accuracy
  • 58 Passing vision
  • 70 Passing IQ
  • 76 Speed with ball

81 Defending

  • 82 On-ball def. IQ
  • 70 Low post def. IQ
  • 84 Pick & roll def. IQ
  • 82 Help def. IQ
  • 83 Lateral quickness
  • 80 Pass perception
  • 85 Reaction time
  • 75 Steal
  • 65 Block
  • 85 Shot contest
  • 80 Def. consistency

54 Rebounding

  • 63 Offensive rebound
  • 51 Defensive rebound
  • 55 Boxout
  • 97 Potential
  • 70 Intangibles
  • 3534 Total attr.

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  • 26

    Jesus christ this is so disrespectful


    this end of career Dr.J. Not really disrespectful. Just his stats are actually realistic


    The years aren’t actually in game you know


    true, never shot threes in his career

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  • 8

    85 dunk for the 1984 dunk contest runner up?


    The year is 90 not 84 lmfao


    He retired in 1987....

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    I'm just sayin what 2k is sayin


    Merry crimas too


    You do realize the site is glitched, right?


    Yeah why
    Merry crimas


    Marry Christmas, and this card is glitched.

  • 5

    the Erving I will ever be able to afford...


    ^the only Erving

  • 4

    2k y'all could at least give him better dunking stats

  • 1

    disrespectful to the dr.


    This is his washed card. It's lowkey amazing though.

  • 1

    why is his post control a 42? all his cards have had 75+ post control and hes usually a beast with that post spin tech badge with his athleticism and dunking abilities.


    because people are still sleeping on the post spin

  • 1

    The face when 2K only gave you 85 dunk

  • 0

    He goes for about 4k on ps4 lowest i bought him for was 3100

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  • -1

    This isn't Dr.J

  • -2

    The Doctor is about to operate!!!

  • -5

    *card says he 6'6", but he's like 8 feet tall in this picture*




    I don't see why this got that many downvotes, I kind of though it would be ignored actually. It might be because abcdert made a similar comment on an Alex English.

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    Unless ABC downvotes this with his ridiculous number of alts.

  • -12

    This Dr. J card is so trash his nickname should be the Receptionist




    Hate all you want bro, you rooting for the Bulls is the ultimate L.

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    You're the ultimate L nigga. Bulls are one of the best teams in the east. Headass


    Just because they've won some games doesn't make them a good team. They are still 13th in the East. They can't beat the Celtics, Cavs, Raptors, Pistons, Wizards, Bucks, Pacers, Heat, or the Knicks in a playoff series. They have no future, Markannen and Dunn are solid starters at best, no all star potential on that roster. And don't even think to bring up a no jumper, post-torn ACL Lavine that all he had going for him was his athleticism. But you should already know how that will play out "cough" ROSE" "cough".


    ik the bulls aren't a good team and they would lose in the 1st round of playoffs but they won against some good teams like the cavs, raptors, pistons, pacers, heat or spurs so they aren't that bad


    They are a solid team wtf are you on right now. Dunn and Lauri have potential. Clearly you haven't seen a Bulls game. The last 10 games have been good for them. They either win, or lose very close games. All you bring up is Rose cause you live in 2012. They do have a future cause they're gonna get a top 5 pick in the draft.


    I have watched plenty of bulls games, and I can see those two have played well, but you're crazy to think that they have potential to be stars, that's ridiculous. Dunn won't be better than Wall, a player he has been compared to his whole career, and even Wall has struggled to become the star he is today in this league full of talented PGs. Lauri is nice, but as skilled as he is on the offensive end, he offers nowhere near the same potential on defense. His lack of strength is a major concern as he gets tossed around pretty easily by NBA bigs and already has filled out with broad shoulders. His core and leg strength need a lot of work, and may never allow him to battle inside against the NBA's top post players. Leaving him as a spot up 3pt shooter, ala Mirotic/Ryan Anderson.


    You are a dumbass. You said they have NO potential whatsoever. I'm not saying that Kris Dunn will come close to John Wall. But judging by right now, he's really good. Per 36 minutes, Dunn is averaging 17 points, 2.4 steals, 7.4 assists, and 6 rebounds. And he's still young. Lauri Markkanen isn't efficient on offense, mainly because he's young and still adjusting. Per 36 minutes, he's averaging 18 points, and 9 rebounds. If you really watch Bulls games, then you'll know that he can grab boards and drive to the basket.



    No one said they didn't have potential, I said no all star potential. Bad teams beat good teams sometimes, just look at the injured lakers beating the rockets. You're all delusional. Keep dreaming bulls fans, whatever makes you feel better about your terrible front office decisions.


    "They have no future"

    Nigga stfu. Top 5 pick this draft and no future.

    Go back to jacking semen from your dick while watching LeBron play.


    Learn to read, I said future. Future means they don't have a plan for positive growth as a team, as of today. Yes, all teams have a real future because that's how time works, and they can all get draft picks each year. They will likely sell it for cash and miss out on another stud like Jordan Bell anyway.

    As of today, they have some young guys that are good but will not be great, some terrible long term deals on the books, and they don't have a guarantee their pick turns into someone good. Stop using vulgar language to make your point if you can't articulate. Also, I don't root for the CAVS or LeBron.


    They have future potential though. You cannot deny that at all no matter what you say. I agree with the shit management. They still got a pick. You don't know for sure if any of the players on that roster turn out to be all stars. My messages do contain vulgarity. Sorry if you can't handle that.


    im a little late but they have a great future ahead for them. They have All-Star potential


    dirk's 1st season wasn't good because he was inconsistent in attack and a bad defender. you can't say lauri isn't good if you only have seen him half season because it's difficult get used to the nba and it's even more difficult if you come from europe because the defense it's completely different (in europe the defense is more a team defense and in the nba is a 1vs1 defense so it's more difficult to defend for the bad defenders)
    Dunn maybe doesn't reach wall level but he is a good defender and a more less good shooter and playmaker and he improved a lot this season


    I never said they weren't good, just not all-star potential. Which is my opinion based on watching them play and seeing their faults. I get it, you're a bulls fan too and I understand the home team potential idealogy. Every fan does that for their team's young players, doesn't make it true.


    and i'm not downvoting your comments


    i think they have all star potential, maybe they never reach that level but they have potential to do it


    This card is actually solid.