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    Still aint no Howard 25/20 he deserved respect

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    Still not Kris Dunn from his career game against kemba walked an the hornets dropping 22 pts,5 rebs,7 assist an 3 steals you have to add the man that beat kemba even after he dropped all those points, gave neto a card for only 22 pts 3 rebs,1 assist,1 steal,1 block. Kris Dunn deserved a card over him big time Kris Dunn has out played jerian grant, even after that he dropped 17 points, 6 rebs, 6 assist, 2 steals against Devin Booker an the suns.


    Yeah Bro you're right,i was hoping he gets a silver/gold moments card but oh well..


    Ikr, they didn't Kris Dunn wrong for how well he is playing an haven't even gave him a card. They should least give him a soild rating not a high high rating. But can't lie last year they was better at adding cards like everyday now it's a wait for new cards

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    no dwight howard
    or no curry

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    i feel like they don't give star players new cards unless they drop 40+ points


    That's because they don't want to have a bunch of amethyst moments cards when it hasn't even been half the season

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    this card design is so lazy

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    Where's Zo mourning?

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    everyone stop complaining. Just be thankful for the new cards we get. 2K do weird things and i don't think they will add the cards you want if you keep complaining. Go and actually complain to 2K. We never get what we want so be thankful for even having a 2K game.


    I paid for this game with my money I have all rights to compare tf


    You mean complain