'87 Darrell Griffith ruby card
88 Overall
  • 87 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 76 PLY
  • 84 ATH
  • 81 DEF
  • 44 REB

Dr. Sunken stein is BACK!

Written by donnymost68

I’m going to assume a lot of people had this same experience. I saw this Darrell Griffith card and it looked amazing (outside of the 62 vertical). Unfortunately, like me, many people saw his horrible dunking tendencies, and passed on this card. Then I found out that 2K gave him a 100 dunk tendency in the new patch, so I copped him in a flash. I’m so glad I did.

Bought for: Collection costed around 19,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Great inside finisher, makes lots of layups, even for 2K18. Some great animations and he draws lots of fouls. Has gold relentless finisher too
  • Free throw: Pretty standard release (kind of like Rip Hamilton), and an acceptable rating at 78
  • Mid Range: Pretty nice, but his release is a little slow. It’s similar to Kawhi’s
  • 3PT: Butter when he’s open. It’s a little inconsistent at times, but he’s got a clean 89 rating that serves well
  • Athleticism: Bruh... he posters. These tendencies have him dunking on Gobert, Gasol, Draymond, Deandre, you name it. He flushes, and hard. It’s fucking awesome to put it bluntly. This is the primary reason I got him. He has a 100 flashy and normal dunk tendency, meaning he throws down so often, no matter who is there. His speed is dece at 84, acceleration at 86, so he can create his own dunk too. Oh and gold posterizer, just FYI
  • Playmaking: Decent dribbling and passing accuracy. Nothing really special here. He can create space occasionally
  • Badges: Lots of good badges for different situations. Acrobat, Poster, Difficult Shots, Relentless, and more


  • Rebounding: In the 40’s. He occasionally has some good rebounding games but the stats mostly tell the story
  • Defense: Passable at best. He ain’t too great a defender, but he gets the job done decently.

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up, run fastbreaks, set screen for him, drive and kick to open man, drive with someone else and kick to him, create space for threes

Use if: You want a SG/SF who can jumpstart the offense with a brutal highlight and overall be a key player throughout the game

Don’t use if: You already have two good reward small forwards or need a lockdown defender

Bottom Line: He’s inexpensive, he’s fun, and most of all, he’s been fixed. Grab this player while he’s cheap. You will not be disappointed, but the other team’s center will be.

P.S. I meant to write “Dr. Dunkenstein is BACK!” But fuckin autocorrect guys, Jesus...

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    maybe it's me, but i hate his dunk animations. seeing a side clutch 10000 times is boring


    I've gotten lots of variation in my slams, and hell, if he does side clutch it a lot, well a basket is a basket. He's got higher three than Mobley; I have him and he's lights out. He's more than a dunker, not to mention dunkers are OP this year. My PG is Darrell Armstrong too. I'm just capitalizing on this dunker craze.


    I agree, but IMO Rex Chapman has better animations. (He does tomahawks and has dunked on more people)


    Idk, Rex Chapman has never really been good towards me. I've seen him on the block, and his stats are promising (in previous games), and I've played against him (in this game), and he's just never made a real contribution. The people that used him were pretty good for the most part, and know how to play, he just wasn't a big part of the offense. Also I already have Mobley, and Harden on the bench. Griffith is my really small small forward (6'4). He gets boards, and just kinda plays like a 3.


    Ah okay. I use him at SG, Rex at PG, and Steve Smith as SF


    Bold choice. Rex does look pretty fun.


    got Dunkenstein, tried him, loved him. Nice shot release, decent handles, but dunks on everyone


    Exactly. Kersey is beastly dunker too if u wanna try a SF.


    I got Steve Smith there


    Don't know how he is, but he looks pretty fun


    Nice release, good defense, 8/10. He kinda reminds me of Kawhi but minus the athleticism.


    Sounds good. Artest is a monster too.