By willywonka »

well I'd still buy theme packs to get diamond usa jordan, pippen, drexler or some other gems that had not been released for the last years. like a diamond gary payton, amy penny hardaway, amy yao ming,amy jason williams. there are tons of great players who probably wouldn't be pink diamonds or even diamonds but still sought-after.

By Brpippen »

If there's Amy or diamond T-mac or penny hardaway I don't care how much it'll cost I would go for either. 

Also I haven't played enough myteam to know what they'll do but how awesome would a set with all the young superstars who got hurt. Penny, tmac, Sam Bowie, Shawn Livingston, Greg oden among others. A what could have been set or something similar. Such cool cards 



By kgb725 »

Some of them yes. I wish I could get Shaq for that low 

By willywonka »

I just got me suns' tom chambers. yolo