So I just started playing 2K17 again and I started playing the same mode that I love from last year, i.e. My Team Blacktop or Gauntlet. So I'm really enjoying the game and I finally ran into one of those players who "pretends" they are not at their controller. So anyways, I start scoring on the guy and then fouling to speed up the gameplay so I can get the win. Lo and behold a message pops up saying that I've committed too many fouls and would the player like to quit and win the game. I shit you not, the kid as fast as lightning clicked quit super fast and got the win. Why isn't there a measure against these cheesers that try to get wins either by having the player quit or the game grant them the win? I took video of the incident, not that it would do any good I guess. The guys name on PSN is "JDPickles01" I believe. I didn't think I would ever get upset by something so stupid, but my god am I angry

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Update: After telling him I had video and was going to send it to 2K he got scared, told me not to do it, so I just put up a silver for 800 coins to get the coins I would've gotten from the game. I still got the loss though. Sigh.

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How about not reaching then? He's offering you a free win. You may get frustrated because he isn't moving but the matches are actually quicker when there is no defense. Just wait for the shot clock. If you're so impatient you can't wait 24 secs, you can spam steal until you're at 5 fouls. Then stop reaching. That's a fast, free and easy win. You should thank him, not threaten him. IMO if you couldn't stay under 6 reaching fouls in 8-15 posessions, you deserve getting the L.

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Definitely agree, I love playing against these Cheesers, they expect a easy win but nother against someone who's PAITENT. So OP quit complaining and next time just take the easy win

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Played also several times against guys like JDPickles01. It might be an easy win but it takes quite more time than a usual blacktop game.

You might play a second game an gain the MT / picks from the board in the same time.

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I can make you aware its not because they want an easy win its because whether they win or lose they still get picks from the board 

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Not complaining just was not aware that this existed. Last year when these guys would show up I would foul to get the ball to the other side and then double-team to get the ball back. This year they introduced that fouling rule so I didn't know. Next time I'll be sure not to foul and take the W.


I didn't know about the new rule this year. If I knew I certainly would have been more patient. The game was already 11-0 when he got the win.

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you will automatically take an L when you get to 6 reach in fouls. I got at least 10W with guys just keep spaming square. If you see them keep reaching, let them reach all day

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I just had this happen I wasn't aware it was a thing... was pretty frustrating guy wasn't playing all game and I get to 14-0 and had it happen to my surprise and he instantly quits.